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Thanks you galactus that a very good reason the other part is writing style due to today's writing most Oc characters have the potential to be great characters but in to world people have no good writing any more.
The reason behind me not like Oc characters is not that there good characters is because in today world we don't have good writing anymore the writing is more of Mary Sue like we're characters automatically know what there doing rather going through training. I believe that Oc characters are a good way for us to be good writers and great writers but because we the sjw,feminism,and Mary Sue characters I can't take Oc characters seriously any more.
I respect you and everyone else on this site I respect your Oc characters but the world to me is not ready for Oc characters that are copy&pasted,photoshopped, stealing characters that aren't ours I believe we have Oc characters we dream about the problem is it's hard to make new ones because the world today and society.
Nemian to understand this more From yesterday because of my spelling I'm going to go in detail or relay everything to make it understanding.
To relay what I said is this I respect everyone on this site and there OC characters the problem is this everyone on this site loves to debate and we all love our OC Characters but after looking them up you give the fake comic issue and your characters are just copy and pasted or photoshopped character just painted over to make it your character.
The other issue is with OC characters don't have very good story's or backstory s the reason behind is in today world most comic writers can't write good story's no more marvel has gone full sjw,feminism rather that writing good story's there trying to beat D.C. Which they are in movies but not in comics they need a reboot and a big one.
D.C. On the other hand has good writing not the best or worst but they won't make good comics anymore they taken a dark turn a very dark turn but the still write good story'
Yeah yeah I know my spelling sucks I trying to work on it
So did I but I don't put them on this site I respect there characters but since the writing style today is for trash marvel has to have reboot and D.C. Is taking a dark turn the problem with is character is that there not original any more it's more copy and paste or change color but since I respect everyone there a saying in people's head that click like a light bulb it's "my characters my rules".
Thanks I'm sorry for saying it's a weak story is ok but not good I have my like said they have one to line names ladyluck is the one the mains crimson is my favorite.
Voted: Superman

Lord tracer I left you a message on your account
No lord I wasn't trying to tell how to write your characters I respect your characters there yours and I know that I was trying to point out the writing style they how we the creators can make the characters but have a bad story heartstone is your character but when you told her back story I'm not try to you how to write it but you could seem that her powers are a gift the story was a bit shaky but it could used to be a good story. So in the end your right I'm sorry what I said and respect your character I was pointing out the story in the form the story telling we have to day is kind **** from the years we've had in the past.
I don't care if he locks it I was trying to imply a point about Oc characters you have your own and I have mine I was trying to say that writing now a days doesn't seem like writing any more I respect every one and there Oc characters I was just implying that you have these characters and how we are are just making them to powerful or to weak but we have that power to tell a good story.

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