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You do kilo Rin and rey vs Vader and Luke
Sure and I'm not really much of a debater
How was I mean first did read the other text
He's been a dick to me and said my opinion is invalid to powerscaling so no I'm not going to stop hateing.
God forbid you have you a opinion with tracer cause over rules your no matter what you say
It's a gift to him and secondly I don't want to put my characters on here I keep outside of places like this
I'm not I'm just telling him I came out with a new Lion he use for his story to him cooler
Yeah I came out with a new form for his lion mode or a new Lion he can use as a oc
Hey nemian I came out with a new Lion form for from the new 🦁 king movie
I want nothing from you I was saying high and thank you understand my hatred for oc characters.

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