Requesting new characters and items

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Anything about requesting things for the database.


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Requesting new characters and items
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When adding characters to the request list:

Character name is without any suffixes.
No Universe and Version info. I just saw some approved entries with the universe added to the name while it was also selected. There is no need to add the universe as suffix when you can select it in the Universe field.

Version field only needs the version info
You don't need to include the Name in the Version field.
This is what happens if you do: Thor (Thor (Herald of None)) . In this case only 'Herald of None' is the version info.

I get there are older request from when the Version field wasn't there yet, so that's not a problem.

Please stop asking me to upvote things. I've created the Request page so everyone can update and I can focus on other things for the website.
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Requesting new characters and items
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Thank you @voidstone @Deathstroke_01 @xerodeep & @MoNsTeR for upvoting my last batch of character requests! I appreciate it!

I've submitted four more if those can be upvoted too. Those are Chishiya, An, and Arisu (all AiB) and Marcus Kane (The 100). Thanks again! :)
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Requesting new characters and items
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Could someone approve my Batman XE suit request?