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Night watcher (Daniel Kutnetzsov) used to live in Ukraine with his older brother and both of his parents. They were poor but luckily Daniel had a huge passion for engineering. He made a house out of scraps on the streets and made an electric motorcycle out of broken cars. The family lived a happy life but everything changed when Russia declared war on Ukraine which forced the family to flee right before the border the family started a camp as it was getting late and they all would flee the country once and for all. At least that's what they taught; The young daniel had to pee so he came out of his tent and started heading to a near forest. When he was peeing he heard some soldiers talking in Russian the scared daniel rushed back to the tents to warn his parents and brother but before he could do anything he heard his mother scream and witnessed how his own family got brutally murderer. After this the soldiers saw the young daniel and tried to shoot him; Daniel tries to run as hard as he can and makes a motorcycle out of broken guns and scraps in a total of 3 minutes which after this he leaves for brazil where was later found dying from hunger in a cave. He later got put into an adoption center where got adopted by alexander zdan who actually is the black alpha: the leader of the black wolfs a terroristic gang that manipulates countries into wars he was the one responsible for the death of daniels parents and after he saw how the young kid could make a fully working motor cycle out of some scrap metal he was fascinated and later would adopt him to try to use him as a weapon. Fast forward: Daniel is now living with alexander and alexander manipulates him into making him think that the politicians and cops were behind the death of his parents and he should avenge the death of his parents by killing the “corrupt” government the now 15-year-old daniel believes this and filled with guilt and anger he becomes the black alphas sidekick and second hand. He now builds weapons for the black wolves and has now built a suit for himself fully being armored with a bulletproof iron suit with taser swords machine guns on his wrist and also having various weapons ranging from superheated gloves, flashbangs, grapple guns, and even anti-gravity grenades. Daniel made it its life purpose to avenge his parents' death by killing the corrupt government and everyone standing in his way and ruling the world with an iron fist. Later when he needs to assassinate a government politician right before his last breath the politician tells him the truth and how the black alpha is just using him and how he killed his parents. Out of anger, he makes the politician choke on his own blood by slicing his throat. But after thinking more and more about it he starts to realize the politician was telling the truth. As soon as black alpha realizes Daniel knows the truth he hires a black wolf in a suicide mission where he has to kidnap daniel put him in a plane and drive the plane into a mountain. But somehow Daniel survives and fill with guilt his new life's purpose is to do everything to kill the black alpha, he later makes the mountain he crashed into his new base and becomes an anti-hero killing or heavily injuring any criminal as it makes him remember the death of his parents. His name is night Watcher because he watched his parents die in a night and he reflected on his life in the night the plane crashed into the mountain.


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rate my origin story of my oc
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Pretty good, another one of the "my family died and I must avenge them" origins. Had me in the beginning but lost me towards the end. I like the tie in with real life events. Night Watcher is a badass name, I love it.

I have a few questions:
- Does this guy have actual powers? Building a motorcycle 3 minutes with gun scraps is literally impossible for any normal human to do.
- How did he get from Ukraine to Brazil...on just a motorcycle that he whipped up in a few minutes? Ik its possible but that's like a week of travel.
- Why did he go in cave? why didn't he just go to a hospital or something.
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rate my origin story of my oc
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his powers are mostly through his suit he has built in rist machine guns, magnetic boots, a sord that can generate heat, shockwave gauntlets...
Besides that he also has increased strength bc of the suit and speed. His true only ability is that he has mastered chi making him able to shoot some type of energy

he was sent to brazil by a resque crew i guess? idk i didnt think of that part

also i actauly made an entire story with the nightwatcher but i never wrote it down

- the story begins with his origin
- the nightwatcher wants revenge as he finds out the black alpha killed his father

- the black alpha sends 6 assasins to kill him
- blood racer a guy in a high tech car that can shoot rockets, fly dry on walls etc
- the golden eagle a guy in a eagle suit giving him enhanched strength, enhanched vision, speed, durabilty sharp metalic claws and the ability to summon egles through sonar
- black death an acient cowboy that survivied through a magic formula he stole after massacring an acient tribe of indians the serum enhanched all his senses and overall speed strength durabilty and makes him immortal he alos has an ancient fighting style and uses alot of guns

- the last guy i forgot the name of but he was manipulated by the black alpha that if he kills the nightwatcher he will cure his mothers stage 3 cancer so he figths him the nigtwathcer nearly kills him but then realizes that this is the same as when he tried to fight for his parents so he works with him and tries to kill the black alpha the black alpha then when confronted julmps out the building and grapples onto a helicopter that destroys the building this heavily injures the one assasin and the last scene is nightwatcher in the hospitla while th assasin dies now he has a no killing rule
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rate my origin story of my oc
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