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This is a list of rules complied from multiple users on how a debate should be conducted and how the winner should be decided.


I'm a nobody but I'll sign for free
( bane333 ) there
I @ManOfPower sign this contract of the rules of debating
3+ years member.
@MOP you sign here.
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Scoring system for Judges:
Claim without evidence- +1 point
Claim with evidence- +3 points
Disproving a claim with evidence using evidence- +5 points
Unjustified insult- -3 points
Justified insult- -1 point
Stating a false claim - -5 points
If neither admits defeat and it goes to judge's decision most points is declared the winner.
I officially accept your request Hawkinz for battle and I accept Soulcollecter as the judge.
Holy hell I'm glad you guys made this. This will brings another level of excitement to the site. Hawkinz I'll start the forum whenever you're on. Soulcollecter I think whenever the forum is created both debaters or judge should make an official commencement so everyone knows the battle has officially begun and we so we're aware when the 24 hours are up.
*ignore the we
3+ years member.
The match becomes official the moment the first comment on the forum is made, and thank you.
If that's the case I'll go ahead and get this forum started.
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One final thing the 1 day rule applies only to the last comment made, the debate itself is allowed to go on forever or until a decisive winner is crowned.
I disagree I think he makes top 5 you do to.
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@Hawkins I need both you and @Swarm to sign this contract first or else I cannot participate as judge (sorry it's the rules).
Ok I'll try and tell him whenever he's on to agree.
What is this ?
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@MOP it is the rules one must follow in order to participate in a debate, too many times good debates have been ruined because someone, and this is a way to prevent it.
On well I'm glad somebody took the time to do this
Good job guys 👍
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Thank you, me and Spidey have been working together on it because we both love debates and hate when they get ruined.
Yeah I know I'm one of the people who get into debates and stuff that I shouldn't have gotten in
2+ years member.
@Soulcollector57: Do you think we should have people sign a contract agreeing to the terms listed above? Or just have them say on this forum....."I, *users name*, have read and agree upon the terms listed above. I acknowledge that if I were to violate these rules, there will be severe consequences" Or something like that
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@SirSpidey the second option, what do you think the consequences should be? I was thinking they will no longer be allowed to debate and if they try they are to be ignored by everyone who agreed to the terms listed.
Severe consequences? And how would that be implemented?
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@Soulcollecter57: That sounds like a plan
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Probably after someone agrees and they break the rules me or SirSpidey (the co-creators) will comment something (on their comment agreement) along the lines of "you have violated one or more of the rules *the rule number(s)* and you can no longer debate on any forum or battle and all attempts will be neglected."
Although I disagree with some of it, I'm liking the idea of this. It's going to be fun to see all of the debates taking place. I also like the idea of the battles taking place on the forums like SirSpidey and LordTracer's GL vs Thor battle.
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What parts do you disagree with? Just want to know so I can try to justify them.
It isn't worth the argument and it's really not even a big problem, just a personal disagreement.
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@Hawkins it's cool, wanted to know because I am willing to make changes to it, but once the first person agrees to it I am (legally) not allowed to change it do to the fact it is a contract.
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I won't push the matter any further because I don't want to bother you over something that isn't a big deal.
I'm questioning the false claims. If every statement must require evidence how would a false claim slip into the debate without someone noticing and ending the debate immediately?
Let me revise that last part, if someone spots the false claims shouldn't the debate end immediately? Since they have nothing factual to back it up?
3+ years member.
Oh, false claims will not be excepted it was a reference to a debate between Amirvel and Lion about false claims, and it says "lie better than the Devil himself" and nobody can do that sorry for the confusion it was a bit of an inside joke.
Oh okay I just wanted to make sure every statement had to be truthful. I'd like to hear your and SirSpidey's thoughts on this, what if you make a statement but don't use evidence but your opponent trusts that it's factual? Not saying I'll do this but sometimes in debates I reply immediately without thinking of referencing comics and I'm assuming my opponent believes me. Also SirSpidey what is the site you always use for comics again?
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It depends on the circumstances of the debate if someone is losing the battle and pulls out some bullshit then they forfeit the debate if it is one on one then the debate is over, but if another person on the side of the liar and they have not lied it can continue, and any debate can be revisited if a new challenger comes along and think they can somehow win.
Ok fair enough, I never pull out the BS but if I accidentally do this I'll reference the comics in another comment.
3+ years member.
And to answer the second part that is all up to the debaters, Line 2 states "If you choose to" so it was a way the give some breathing room.
Alright then thanks mate, loving the idea can't wait until we start to see some battles begin.
Final question. If someone wants to judge a debate, the 2 debaters must agree to their request. Correct?
3+ years member.
Yes, that falls under rule #5.
Alright just trying to make sure everything is clarified. Ok sounds good whenever @Swarm logs on I'm assuming you know he's the biggest Spider-Man fan I'll be debating him against my favourite character Darkhawk.
3+ years member.
Well if your fine with it I'll be the Judge.
Ok I agree with that, just tell @Swarm whenever he's on so he knows.
3+ years member.
This forum was suppose to be under battles I accidentally put it under characters.
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The Final List of rules.
1. All statements must be factually correct with evidence.
2. If you choose to site one, the source must be directly from a comic or website that is 100% legitimate and not opinionated (YouTube videos will be discredited unless it is from someone that's only purpose is to give information about comics not their opinion on them).
3. Accepting defeat is better than living in denile.
4. False claims will not be accepted unless you can lie better than the Devil himself.
5. You must ask permission before you can join in on a debate and both parties must agree with allowing them in.
6. A winner will be declared by a judge (Preferably @Galactus or anyone that will show no bias towards either character or debater), a council or their peers (everyone watching the debate), admitted defeat or a debater taking longer than 1 day to respond.
7. Resulting to insults will be seen as a sigh of defeat unless it is justifiable (EX: Calling someone a fan boy when they have given solid facts will be considered as such, and is only expectable if absolutely no evidence is stated.)
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8. All debates that take place with these rules must be conducted in a separate forum with a link to this forum, and the debaters, judge, and any additional debaters must first sign this contract or they can not participate even with the permission of the debaters, debates on the "Battle" option can not use these rules.
9. Judges when deciding a winner must state why they chose the winner.
10. A judge will be stripped of their position if any bias is shown.
2+ years member.
11. TheNemianLion is by default always right and cannot lose a debate.
3+ years member.
@TheNemianLion sorry I forgot that add that rule, but in all seriousness what do you think of the Rules me and SirSpidey have made?
3+ years member.
Glad you like it.
3+ years member.
2.1- Giving a source is optional
2.2- If you are asked by the person you are debating for you to give evidence you do not have to comply but it will be seen as a lack of credibility.
6.1- The one day rule is only implemented as a time limit, not a definitive means of victory.
6.2- A judge is not required for a debate to commence but would be preferable.
6.3- The judge is not required to attend the debate at all times, they only have to check in periodically.
10.1-If you feel the judge is being bias they can only have there spot revoked by an outside source agreeing to the claim.
10.2- judges will be stripped of their position and are never again allowed to judge a debate even if given permission by the participants.
3+ years member.
2.3- The evidence given must be a scan, giving a comic book issue is not enough it has to be the exact scan of the page.
2.4- if one does not give any source you do not have to argue on that particular matter since they have not given you direct evidence.
4.1- If one chooses to lie they will lose points (-5) but that only occurs if the opposing debater can prove it is a lie.
5.1- People outside of the debate MUST post their comments above the debate and cannot reply to either debater's comments.
5.2- All outsider comments must be just commentary and cannot debate the battles themselves.
7.1- You cannot claim victory during the debate, unless your advisory explicitly says they quit or any of the other win conditions are met.
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Why do we HAVE to give scans as our evidence? We all have the free comics website, why can't we just use that? Otherwise, everyone is going to be giving out of context scans
3+ years member.
@SirSpidey, I understand your side, bit I want it to be fair for everyone, because while we all have access we don't (me especially) all feel like reading through a comic to find the scene and wait for everything to load in the first place, and that argument can be flipped, and people could just give random comic issues that don't actually have their evidence in the comic given under the assumption no one would look through it completely. And if one does bring up a random scan, you or any other can discredit and destroy it and you will get more points from it because disproving a claim gives you 5 points, whereas they would have only gotten 3 points, and you get a quick lead. The only way I can think to revise it is both the scan itself AND the comic it is from, but that is basically what I already have in place.
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Well, I give the page number and the panel number, so I guess this doesn't apply to me...
2+ years member.
No, it DOES, because there is no point in GOING to that comic and scrolling down. Giving out a page number is SO much easier and takes so little time. If you do that, you shouldn't expect them to read it. And if you expect them to give you evidence in the same format, you'd be the ningenic peon.
2+ years member.
It's called 'context'. You should learn to use it.
2+ years member.
No, if you want the context, you go find the comic by yourself or ask nicely, not demand it like a brainless zombie who requires everyone to give out comics from the top of their brain or read every single comic you give out.
2+ years member.
Thanks for proving to everyone you don't read comics and are not a true comic book fan or a legit comic book debater
I'm just doing what @Galactus would do,
So guys no arguments please.
2+ years member.
I do read comics, but I don't read every single comic that someone mentions in a debate because I want one piece of evidence. That's why scans exist, and if you can't find a specific comic book which has a scan, you can use a respect thread. Jeez, you don't have to know every feat of a character to debate.
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This is why you don't even reach the top 10 of best debaters on Superhero Database.
2+ years member.
Lol, many have tried to debate me and all of them failed cutetip. My goal isn't to be the best debater, it is to have fun, and precocious little miscreants like you ruin that.
2+ years member.
You're the one who barges into other people's debates saying how wrong they are. You brought this upon yourself. So if you would like to have fun, try not to **** people off, and stay out of others' buisness
2+ years member.
It's my business as a community member if something is wrong or unjust, and I find it disgusting how you expect everyone to bow down to you and worship you as the best debater when you aren't. You say that you've never specifically STATED that, but you've implied it many times over which results in you being a meme. Seriously, you aren't a homophobe but you think homosexuality is wrong (you've been stomped in that debate by EVERYONE participating in it)? You aren't sexist but think women are inferior. Everything you say is deluded @SirSpidey and it won't change unless you change your attitude. Anyways, I have to go to sleep. Don't say I'm running away considering my health is more important than debating you. Guess that makes everyone inferior since you are the king of all debates.
2+ years member.
I mean, you can worship me if you want, but just know that you would be a little weirdo. I don't see what politics have to do with literally anything, but okay.

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