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I walk a straight path that separates two halves of the same twisted truth. one lies absolute chaos and insanity, the other peace and rationality. Now I didn't ask for this at least I don't think I did, either way it don't matter my destiny and fate is all ready predetermined and I've come to except the fact that this is all I was meant to be and all I ever will be. The things I've done regardless of my better judgement were all for a necessary cause. And after doing this long enough you become numb to the sad reality that even the innocent ones have to go when their hourglass empties, and I'll be there to take 'em to the other side and refill that same hour glass for the next one up. I am the long-awaited messenger of the dead, and the unwanted omen of the living, I am the Soul Collector.

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Rocket ManAles Faulkner
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CyclopsScott Summers8
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ThorThor Odinson30
VenomEddie Brock9

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Well I'm leaving shortly so, this'll have to wait until next week.
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Who is next? This is the last one I'll do until next Friday.
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And here is the bottom line for everything, if you have not destroyed an entire universe or timeline you are not even infinite 3rd dimensional, just somewhere within the 3rd dimension.
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And since we are on the topic Hulk is not infinite 3rd dimensional either.
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Stated by who? And where is the evidence from the person that stated this? Hal and Sinestro are both 3rd dimensional neither have destroyed 1 universe none the less multiple which is the actual definition of Multiversal (because etymology) stop using VSBW for your source, it's really not helping your case.
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When the hell has Parallax destroyed a timeline? And all the people you listed after are only within the 3rd dimension of power, just like Parallax is only infinite 3rd dimensional at most.
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Except no, being Multiversal does not mean you have infinite power, otherwise every Multiversal being stalemates TOAA because just like him they have infinite power, that a logical fallacy, that's why dimensional tiering exists to separate the "infinities" and there is something above infinity dawg, otherwise Superman lifting the "infinitely" heavy book means he has the same strength as TOAA because infinity. Parallax is at most infinite 3rd dimensional, someone who is forth dimensional is infinitely above him, a 5th dimensional being would be infinitely above him and so on and so forth, saying what you said makes no sense.
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So your going to sit there and tell me, that Parallax using the possession of Hal Jordan would be just as strong as regular Parallax, and that they do it for no reason? Get out pf here with that bull ****, Specter using a host is different than Parallax using one, because Specter gives the host a portion of his power to fight on his behalf since he does not care enough to do it himself, and when he possessed the Flash he got a lot faster, meaning the hosts DO give him a BOOST, and they amp him because Parallax feeds off the host's fear making him stronger whereas Specter's hosts do not give him power. Specter gives them power, but Parallax uses the host's fear to power himself up more, you of all people should know that.
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Well considering he is the embodiment of space itself, along with his capabilities, the design his character in general. And like I said this is opinion I find space a lot more interesting than Norse mythology and gods such as Thor, you obviously feel differently and that cannot be argued because it is all opinion.
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Hasn't this forum been made several times?
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