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I walk a straight path that separates two halves of the same twisted truth. one lies absolute chaos and insanity, the other peace and rationality. Now I didn't ask for this at least I don't think I did, either way it don't matter my destiny and fate is all ready predetermined and I've come to except the fact that this is all I was meant to be and all I ever will be. The things I've done regardless of my better judgement were all for a necessary cause. And after doing this long enough you become numb to the sad reality that even the innocent ones have to go when their hourglass empties, and I'll be there to take 'em to the other side and refill that same hour glass for the next one up. I am the long-awaited messenger of the dead, and the unwanted omen of the living, I am the Soul Collector.

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Rocket ManAles Faulkner
ShockwaveKhris Michaelson

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CyclopsScott Summers8
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IcemanBobby Drake10
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JuggernautCain Marko11
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The Alien Entity-
ThorThor Odinson30
VenomEddie Brock9

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2+ years member.
I've been fine. Just on this site alone. And while that might seem bad, It rediscovered all the little things this website has that no one really uses, so now I just come on here and actually read the history in each character page, but I've been fine.
2+ years member.
I predicted this, I saw this coming and no body listened, I warned you of it, and I even tried to stop it once and for all, now everyone is finally just realizing it.
2+ years member.
I find it kind of funny that you didn't mention the new Discord server. Ever since it was made people ONLY go there and no one is on here anymore, JUST ME. I'll be here, come back to check two days later and the same comments are in the front page from TWO DAYS AGO. I'm not trying to be or sound angry but at least point out the REAL reason why this site is falling off, the fact everyone is on the Discord now. Now this Discord ain't bad or anything, but I really don't see the appeal of it since it basically like this website but not nearly as fun and nowhere near the amount of options.
2+ years member.
Voted: Godzilla

The only "buff" he has received was Godzilla Earth, which is now a permanent power similar to Thor having the Odin Force as a permeant buff. Essentially Godzilla is the Avatar/King of Destruction, (which is really just a title) and it is stated that once he awakens "The heavens will shake" and heavens are commonly used to references the universe(s) and even if you low ball this it would still be considered Multi-Galaxy level, "The land howls. The Burning Mountain will rise. That breath is a storm, that rage is thunder. Crossing over distant time, he commands the power of destruction" is another statement that backs this claim up. And there is a comic where he breaks out of hell, so that can easily be considered him as a dimension buster, whereas Mew Two doesn't have feats even on a planetary level.
2+ years member.
Voted: Godzilla

Mew Two has no way to hurt him, other than perhaps telepathic attacks, but considering Godzilla is simply a monster "mind raping" him wouldn't do much, considering Mew Two has no feats that prove this other than confusion but that is only temporary and Mew Two could not inflict enough damage to even tickle Godzilla especially considering the fact the Godzilla is immortal.
2+ years member.
Voted: Godzilla

Godzilla is Multi-Solar System to Universal+, MewTwo is continental to planetary, Godzilla wins.
2+ years member.
Voted: Team Scathan

@LordTracer, thank you. I had no idea Scathan was that powerful. If he wasn't there, would to fight be more fair?
2+ years member.
Voted: Team Scathan

The Celestials have once again come after Galactus so he can stand trial. Knowing that he can not stand alone against this threat he seeks the help of a former herald and unlikely ally (he also eats a couple planets on the way). Will they prevail?
2+ years member.
We need a new invite link, I tried both this one and the other, and both say they are expired, I'm not a big fan of Discord, but no one is on here anymore so I want to get in on the fun, anyone have a new invite link?
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It's not your fault, you are just guilty by association, you three are always budding heads with him.
You're a Liar, Prove Me Wrong

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