OC Highschool 2

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Welcome back to school. New and Imporved OC High School is BACK!


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Can I join?
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What is OC high school?
OC Highschool is a roleplay where all OCs are young teenage versions of themselves . It is something cool to do your emptiness .
@Mop by me doing my emtiness are you trying to me on me or is it a metaphor like I can join -_-
Both XD
@Mop I love and hate you at the same time rn lol
Ah shucks!
So we gonna do this again?
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Sure. Where would we start?
Should we do the Japanese fight as we were trying to last time?
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YES! I've been waiting for this for so long!
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What's the Japanese fight lol
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Heartstone, Lionman and Storms all go to Japan and fight kaiju.
Maybe Lord... I mean Prince Prodigy could join? But man I am excited to get this back on
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I mean, other people can come in if they want to.
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When are we starting?
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Whenever y'all are ready, I guess.

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