I have a Fandom.

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I need help with the new FANDOM i have . Here is the link
The only people that are allowed to edit it (if you have a fandom)
Hawkins , Swarm , Nemian , Dark Prodigy , Imabatman , Lord Tracer , Soul collector and Maybe Galactus

Link: https://the-varosverse.wikia.com/?wiki-welcome=1


I give up !
I can't figure it out . It's really confusing
Forgot about @Soratoumiga he is able to edit it as well .
What's your Fandom @Sorato
@Hawkinz what is your Fandom name?
@Swarm do you have a fandom?
227 days ago
I have a Fandom.
Yes I do. I'll probably help out and edit it sometime in the future, I'm busy with work so it might be for awhile.
Can you give me your name ?
Forgot about @Heep . He can also help with it
@Heep do you have a fandom?
227 days ago
I have a Fandom.
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Nope Im not really interested in this. Im not a writer or a thinker of superheries wirld and adding me on another site would not be a good idea since im also very busy and somehow mindless dissipated guy.
But big Thx to think about me anyway ☺
You Welcome bro
The Users i mentioned in the description give me your Fandom please
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i can also edit i just tryed it
Ok @Jon don't mess around with it too much . Ok?😂
First quest ion
How do I add Characters to the Varosverse Fandom? Do I need to create a whole separate Fandom?
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click on add page