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You can request to edit characters here.

Provide a clickable link to the character you want to edit. So there is no confusion on which version you mean. And this will make it easier to assign it to you.
Don't add more than 3 request at a time.

Moderators can now assign characters too.

Requests without links will be deleted


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Editing - Request to edit
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Sticky Little tip:

This will copy the code (with link) to that page. You can paste it in a comment.
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Editing - Request to edit
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@MoNsTeR can i edit these profiles? i already entered my stats if you want to check them out
The Endless
The Perverse
The Returned
The Void
The Weird
The Cosmic
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Editing - Request to edit
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i can't assign void weird and cosmic because of full list finish editing