Doomsday vs anime

Created by Crimsonassassin, 4 y 11 mo 1 d ago.

This forum is just fun I'm not trying to start a debate with anyone
How far do you thing doomsday the monster that killed superman would go if he fought an anime universe by himself.
From one shoting to hard fights I wanna see a list of animes he could take out before they stopped him or killed him and coming back after his resurrection.


EmptyHand 4 y 11 mo 1 d
Doomsday vs anime
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A billion anime characters could solo
LordTracer 4 y 11 mo 1 d
Doomsday vs anime
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Naruto - Doomsday just solos the verse. The strongest in the verse is star level - large star level, so DD easily sweeps through, no resurrection needed.

Dragon Ball - He gets murked by SSJ3 Goku / Kid Buu. After resurrection, he's not getting past Buuhan or Vegito, let alone someone like God Goku or Beerus. The gap in AP is way too massive. And if we go by the Toeiverse, he gets stomped into the dust by A-Type Broly or Cell Games Base Goku.
AkhilPDX 4 y 11 mo 1 d
Doomsday vs anime
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Beerus and Whis can beat him. Goku probably can if he levels up enough.