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Thus making the person that uses the Wiki's "a bad debtor".
Wiki's are not author approved, nor made by a trustworthy source, literally anyone can edit an article, so Wiki's are not reliable evidence.
Voted: Beerus

*cough* no limits fallacy *cough*
Voted: Beerus

In the chapter you have referenced multiple times Beerus does say he cannot kill immortals, yet, in the previous chapter, Goku was going to kill the IMMORTAL Fused Zamasu, with Beerus' technique. (He is also immortal according to your precious wiki)
You're the most guilty of "no limits fallacy", you believe Superman is without limits.
Evidence of you believing Superman is without limits:
"That Superman book was written by the writers to say that they tried to give him limits but can't because he's superman not goku"
"In what comic store does he struggle in did you read any"
Evidence for Goku using the Hakai:
in scan form if you want to be lazy 😉
Voted: Beerus

It still may not work, sorry.
Voted: Beerus

Actually, it was a scene from the actual (canon) anime, so your entire paragraph was pointless. Also, why did you say that the unverified WIKI was valid evidence, yet the anime, approved by Toriyama himself, ISN'T?! Please, explain your logic.
is the scene once again if the link still "doesn't work for you".
Your worst memory on this site

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