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Extended Marvel Cinematic Universe (2000-2019 Movies)

Publisher Marvel Comics
Aliases Earth-10005, Earth-TRN414
Info Combined Temporary Universe for all X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool movies.

Connections to EMCU

Agent Zero (FOX) David North
Agent Zero (FOX)
Ajax (FOX) Francis
Ajax (FOX)
Angel (FOX) Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Angel (FOX)
Angel Dust (FOX) Christina
Angel Dust (FOX)
Angel Salvadore (FOX) Angel Salvadore
Angel Salvadore (FOX)
Apocalypse (FOX) En Sabah Nur
Apocalypse (FOX)
Archangel (FOX) Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Archangel (FOX)
Banshee (FOX) Sean Cassidy
Banshee (FOX)
Beast (FOX) Henry Philip McCoy
Beast (FOX)
Bedlam (FOX) Jesse Aaronson
Bishop (Fox) Lucas Bishop
Bishop (Fox)
Black Tom (FOX) Black Tom Cassidy
Blink (Fox) Clarice Fong
Blink (Fox)
Blob (FOX) Fred Dukes
Blob (FOX)
Bolivar Trask
Bolivar Trask
Cable (FOX) Nathan Summers
Cable (FOX)
Caliban (FOX)
Caliban (FOX)
Colossus (FOX) Peter Rasputin
Colossus (FOX)
Cyclops (FOX) Scott Summers
Cyclops (FOX)
Daredevil (FOX) Matt Murdock
Daredevil (FOX)
Dark Phoenix (FOX) Jean Grey
Dark Phoenix (FOX)
Darwin (FOX) Armando Muñoz
Darwin (FOX)
Deadpool (FOX) Wade Wilson
Deadpool (FOX)
Doctor Doom (FOX) Victor Doom
Doctor Doom (FOX)
Domino (FOX) Neena Thurman
Domino (FOX)
Donald Pierce Donald Pierce
Donald Pierce
Donald Pierce (FOX) Donald Pierce
Donald Pierce (FOX)
Eclipse (Fox) Marcos Diaz
Eclipse (Fox)
Elektra (Fox) Elektra Natchios
Elektra (Fox)
Ella Lopez (Fox) Ella Lopez
Ella Lopez (Fox)
Emma Frost (FOX) Emma Grace Frost
Emma Frost (FOX)
Eve (FOX) Eve
Father Kinley (Fox) William Kinley
Father Kinley (Fox)
Firefist (FOX) Russell Collins
Firefist (FOX)
Galactus (FOX) Galan
Galactus (FOX)
Gambit (FOX) Remy LeBeau
Gambit (FOX)
God Johnson (FOX) Earl Johnson
Goddess (FOX) Goddess
Goddess Of All Creation (Fox) Charlotte Richards
Havok (FOX) Alexander Summers
Havok (FOX)
Human Torch (FOX) Jonathan Storm
Human Torch (FOX)
Iceman (FOX) Bobby Drake
Iceman (FOX)
Invisible Woman (FOX) Susan Storm
Invisible Woman (FOX)
Jean Grey (FOX) Jean Grey
Jean Grey (FOX)
Jubilee (FOX) Jubilation Lee
Jubilee (FOX)
Juggernaut (FOX) Cain Marko
Juggernaut (FOX)
Lauren Strucker (Fox) Lauren Strucker
Lauren Strucker (Fox)
Luke Castellen (FOX) Luke Castellan
Magneto (FOX) Erik Lehnsherr
Magneto (FOX)
Maze (FOX) Mazikeen
Michael (FOX) Michael Demiurgos
Michael (FOX)
Mister Fantastic (FOX) Reed Richards
Mister Fantastic (FOX)
Mystique (FOX) Raven Darkhölme
Mystique (FOX)
Negasonic Teenage Warhead (FOX Ellie Phimister
Negasonic Teenage Warhead (FOX
Nightcrawler (FOX) Kurt Wagner
Nightcrawler (FOX)
Old Man Logan (FOX) James Howlett
Old Man Logan (FOX)
Old Man Professor X (FOX) Charles Francis Xavier
Old Man Professor X (FOX)
Polaris (Fox) Lorna Dane
Polaris (Fox)
Professor X (FOX) Charles Francis Xavier
Professor X (FOX)
Psylocke (FOX) Elizabeth Braddock
Psylocke (FOX)
Pyro (FOX) St. John Allerdyce
Pyro (FOX)
Quicksilver (Fox) Peter Maximoff
Quicksilver (Fox)
Riptide (FOX) Janos Quested
Riptide (FOX)
Rogue (FOX) Anna Marie
Rogue (FOX)
Sabretooth (FOX) Victor Creed
Sabretooth (FOX)
Sebastian Shaw (FOX) Sebastian Hiram Shaw
Sebastian Shaw (FOX)
Sentinel (FOX) Sentinel
Sentinel (FOX)
Shadowcat (FOX) Katherine Anne Pryde
Shadowcat (FOX)
Shatterstar (FOX) Gaveedra Seven
Shatterstar (FOX)
Silver Samurai (FOX) Ichirō Yashida
Silver Samurai (FOX)
Silver Surfer (FOX) Norrin Radd
Silver Surfer (FOX)