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Don't debate me unless you are prepared to reference comics as evidence for the things you say. My knowledge is mostly revolved around Shaq's Steel and Tobey Maguire Spiderman since they are the most interesting Superheros, but I will gladly (unless it's anything without Steel) read up on other characters to E X S P O U N D upon my knowledge of different characters, even charachters that are not Steel. I actually hate and dread reading things not about Steel and watching movies without Tobey Maguire Spiderman. Sony will always be the superior (or if you are Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, excelsior) company. - Favorite Steel Quote: "Cool like you, Sparky" - Favorite Tobey Maguire Spiderman Quote: "Pizza Time" (Parody of SirSpider's History page) Alright after that Spicy meme, here are some verses that I could actually help debate on: Godzilla (most versions), Lord of the Rings, DC (Almost any version), Marvel (Almost any version, outside of animation), Cthulhu Mythos, Star Wars (Mainly Canon), Game of Thrones, Greek Mythology, Pokemon, Animals/Dinosaurs, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter. I have limited on knowledge of most other verses (Except Anime, I know nothing about Anime power levels, not really my thing).

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Voted: Team Azathoth

Yes...they are, If actually read HP Lovecraft's work, you would know (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eBpIZlPImXhqjAQVegF6cwq3-DD8gHDXuT7quguaOoY/edit?usp=drivesdk a compliation of quotes I made, proving Azathoth is above multiversal)
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Pizza Time is all I need to say
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Voted: Team Azathoth

TOAA^ V Azathoth^ (no Idea, I want to say Azathoth, because the very concept of a Multiverse, and literally everything is the equivalent of a unconscious thought, but I guess since TOAA is omnipotent, and actually in control, than he would win...Probably stalemate)

Beyonder V Yog Sothoth* (Could very well be a stalemate, but since The Beyonder has submitted to becoming unstable, I think Yog-Sothoth has a slight advantage)

Living Tribunal V Nyarlathotep* (Again, could see stalemate, but since TLT to be able to be killed and I believe Nyarlethotep is the 2nd or third most powerful Elder God (Yog-Sothoth might be above I can't rememeber), I say he might take the edge)

Galactus* V Cthulhu (Cthulhu strongest feat has shown to be Star level, so I think even a starving Galactus wins here)

TBH some of this might be slightly biased, but tbh I don't think theres a real answer here either way...
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Yeah there are several things wrong with the building statement. One, if we're talking about a skyscraper, that's 222,500 times more than that (or even a small house is over 18 times more than that). Two, Superman has tanked attacks that can destroy Solar Systems and Planets, even if someone threw the entirety of Australia at him it wouldn't it do any harm.
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What have you done so far with it? This video shows pretty much what you can do after you have made an account (The video is kind of annoying, but it helps to learn) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSVWI9TBq_I
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@Akhil he was never banned, he just left because doesn't like rules.
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You weren't even banned, you were muted for 12 hours for calling someone a KKK member, and spawn of Satan, after we told you to stop. We couldn't tell it was a joke, and you persisted after being told to stop.
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How so, have any evidence? All it is is a way for us to flesh out our OC Universes, in ways that cannot be done on the site (And I don't expect it to be).
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Please come back babe @SirSpidey
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Hello @AndreasVer, I very much enjoy your highly thought-provoking, and intelligent insight on the various debates I have witnessed. However, I feel as if you are lacking in certain qualities, most of all experience. On our Discord channel, we have many worthy adversaries and larger group of people with a similar intellect to yourself. We would love for you to show off your skills and even learn a thing or two ( https://discord.gg/wCHgvrF ).