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Don't debate me unless you are prepared to reference comics as evidence for the things you say. My knowledge is mostly revolved around Shaq's Steel and Tobey Maguire Spiderman since they are the most interesting Superheros, but I will gladly (unless it's anything without Steel) read up on other characters to E X S P O U N D upon my knowledge of different characters, even charachters that are not Steel. I actually hate and dread reading things not about Steel and watching movies without Tobey Maguire Spiderman. Sony will always be the superior (or if you are Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, excelsior) company. - Favorite Steel Quote: "Cool like you, Sparky" - Favorite Tobey Maguire Spiderman Quote: "Pizza Time" (Parody of SirSpider's History page) Alright after that Spicy meme, here are some verses that I could actually help debate on: Godzilla (most versions), Lord of the Rings, DC (Almost any version), Marvel (Almost any version, outside of animation), Cthulhu Mythos, Star Wars (Mainly Canon), Game of Thrones, Greek Mythology, Pokemon, Animals/Dinosaurs, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter. I have limited on knowledge of most other verses (Except Anime, I know nothing about Anime power levels, not really my thing).

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2+ years member.
Hmm several things about that video, that I just kind of want to say I guess

1. he doesn't give a single scan for anything he says (I don't doubt he has it, but honestly he's probably forgetting context, outliers, etc.)

2. He doesn't give any reasons why it's above Thor (like giving Thor's limits)

3. He claims he spends a lot of effort/time editing (I think more than DanCo is what he said), even though he only had 1 still image the entire time, with a movie maker intro (At least Danco can change the image to what he's talking about). It's not in the video, but I remember him saying it on Discord or something.

4. Platonic Concepts are only above 4D, highballed https://owlcation.com/humanities/An-Introduction-to-Platos-Theory-of-Forms and idk where he gets the idea that they are platonic concepts.

5. I want SirSpidey V Splash Thor Vs Martian Manhunter right now.

6. Aside from the things I mentioned above, he actually doesn't seem as bad as I've heard

Just my piece
2+ years member.
Ditto for that request (I want to see a video that's actually kind of ridiculous, like the Omniversal MM, or something)
2+ years member.
Theme: Manipulators

Leader: Nyarlathotep
Speedster: Pontiff Sulyvahn
Powerhouse: Darth Sidious
Strong Character: Melkor
Fighter: Ebony Maw
Destroyer/Immortal: Mephisto
2+ years member.
Voted: Sentry

Yo, y'all downplaying Sentry SMH. In the fight in siege Sentry and Thor were on pretty even fields (Thor also said he wasn't holding back). When Sentry turned to Void, Void was shown to be above Thor and the rest of the Avengers present, even after they were buffed by Norn Stones. Void is the exact same power level at Unstable Sentry, minus the fact Void is pretty much bloodlusted (So he appears more powerful). If this fight is bloodlusted than Sentry stomps (Void/Sentry only died because he wanted to, the writer also backs this up). Unstable Sentry, in-character has been able to absorb a cosmic cube, fight WWH, Resist Doctor Strange, Resurrect from nothing, and overload the Absorbing Man (Who's been able to absorb Thor's power and Odin's Magic)
2+ years member.
Red Tornado. Aquaman and Martian Manhunter's power levels are generally well known by comic fans, or at least much more so than Red Tornado. Red Tornado is easily at Superman's level, being able to Fight and repel Desparo, harm the entire Crime Syndicate, fight Superman, outspeed Black Racer, and his power was used to defeat Amazo with the Justice League's powers.
2+ years member.
Yeah smh DC fanboys who think literally any DC character could defeat Thor
15 days ago
Join DB
2+ years member.
I could help with calcs, and maybe some characters if I feel like it...
2+ years member.
*Should we tell him she's getting a TV Show?*
22 days ago
2+ years member.
Feanor: Country-Continent Level (Was able to fight prolonged combat with several Balrog. Created the Silmarils (This does not make him Multi-Galaxy because they were not originally created with Multi-Galaxy levels of power, he cannot recreate them, and even if he could, creating a nuke doesn't make a human City level.)

Fangolfin: Country-Continent Level (Was able to fight First Age Morgoth and permanantally wound his leg)

Tom Bombadil (Only feats): Island Level (Has complete control over the Old Forest, which is 1000 square miles)

Tom Bombadil (Tolkien's Interpritation): Continental (He is a spirit of the Countryside)

Tom Bombadil (Highballing): Planet (Is the embodiement of Middle Earth, and stated by the Council of Elrond it would take the entire world agaisnt him to defeat him)

Witch King of Angmar-Country (Was able to fight Gandalf the White)

22 days ago
2+ years member.
I'll do LOTR power levels

Melkor (Full Power): Universal+ (Can match the combined power of the Ainur)

Melkor (With the Silmarils): Multi-Galaxy (has the complete power of the trees of Valinor)

Morgoth (First Age): Continent-Country (Was still able to shift Mountains, and created an eternal night over the entirety of his land)

Morgoth (War of Wrath): Country (Is still superior to Ancalagon and Sauron)

Sauron (First Age): Country (Is superior to Ancalagon, who destroyed Mountains by simply falling)

Sauron (Second Age): At least Country (Should be stronger than his First Age form with the One Ring, the Nine Ringwraiths increase his power)

Sauron (Third Age): Unknown attack power, but at least Country level durability (Was able to survive magic of the 5 wizards)

Gothmog: Country Level (Was on par with Sauron, and noted as Morgoth's greatest servants alongside Sauron. Also killed Feanor)

Durin's Bane: City-Mountain (While weakened was able to stalemate Gandalf the Grey)

Gandalf the Grey: City Level (Was able to destroy a large part of a Mountain)

Gandalf the White: Country Level (Should be above Galadriel)

Ungoliant: Multi-Galaxy at full power, Continent-Large Country while weakened (At full power was able to help destroy the Trees of Valinor, and while weakened was above Morgoth, and it took all 7 Balrogs to make her flee)

Ancalagon: Country-Mountain Range (Destroyed a Mountain Range by falling, should be above all Balrogs minus Gothmog, as dragons were created to be their supperior)

Smaug: Town Level (Destroyed Lake Town by falling)

Galadriel: Country level (Stated as the mightiest elf, minus Fangolfin and Feanor, so they should be comparable, also was able to resist Sauron with Magic)

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