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Desghidorah (Rebirth of Mothra)


Toho Expanded Universe

Desghidorah's History

Desghidorah is a quadrupedal member of the Ghidorah family group. On first arriving in our solar system thousands of years ago, it ravaged Mars and turned the planet into a desolate wasteland before coming to Earth. There is fought the ancient Mothras and the Elias (small humanoids) before ultimately being sealed away.

In 1997, one of the surviving Elias members sought to reawaken Desghidorah and control the beast. This Elias, Belvera, was successful and Desghidorah began to rampage over Hokkaido. The current Mothra was called in to stop the beast, but Desghidorah killed her after destroying a dam. The bereaved larval Mothra then left to become its Imago form while Desghidorah continued its destruction of Hokkaido.

Soon enough, the newly reborn Mothra Leo emerged to engage Desghidorah in a pitched battle. Despite initially appearing evenly matched, Mothra Leo was able to force Desghidorah to the ground and reseal the great beast. With that, Desghidorah's second rampage came to a close.