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Desghidorah (Rebirth of Mothra)


Toho Expanded Universe

Desghidorah's powers and abilities

Flight and Speed - Desghidorah can run at 180 km/h and fly at speeds of Mach 23. It is capable of surviving and flying in space, but a definite speed is never stated, although it is theorized to be near light-speed.

Breath Weapons - All three of Desghidorah's heads can breath high temperature fire. For more precise attacks, this flame can be concentrated into a energy beam or blast that is similar in heat to molten magma. When fired all together as one concentrated attack, the beams are much more powerful.

Electrical Bite - Desghidorah can emit powerful electric bursts from its teeth.

Magma/Lava Control - Desghidorah can create fissure in the ground to force magma onto the surface.

Sky Burst - Desghidorah can release its pent up internal energy in an explosive wave around itself.

Death Cloud - Desghidorah passively creates a weather phenomenon that steadily increases in scope. Organic life exposed to it, although plants are the most susceptible, will begin to wither and die.

Power Growth - As things die around Desghidorah, it absorbs their life essence and becomes stronger, as demonstrated when it grew wings after breaking free of its imprisonment.

Desghidorah's weaknesses

Sealing - Desghidorah has been stopped multiple times by being sealed into rocks.