Floyd Lawton

New 52

Deadshot's weapons

Wrist-mounted guns

Deadshot has a wrist mounted gun on each arm. They fire magnum bullets when he presses a trigger button on his palm. They also contain a grappling hook that allows him to swing across buildings.

Various weapons

Including grenades, rifles and automatic handguns.

Deadshot's equipment

Deadshot Suit

Floyd wears a very durable suit, able to withstand large explosions, gun fire at close range and electric shocks.

Deadshot Helmet

The helmet is strengthened to be able to resist almost all physical attacks, the display has night vision, infrared, binoculars, and thermal anemometer. The helmet also has hearing sensors, which enhance his senses to the point that he can hear a humming bird�??s wings flapping.
No equipment or weapons connected to Deadshot