Deadshot (New 52)

Floyd Lawton



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i have a suggestion why dont you write his powers like this
you just write how his powers work it is also ok
Bc it's to easy.
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if you go a bit below on your profile i commented about wich verses i know
I red them.
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@Bane333 The formatting of the powers and equipment is not right. You shouldn't use bullits for that.
I formatted the first two powers as an example. Please change the others in the same way.
On the bio page, use commas between the relatives.

The rest looks good!
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You forgot doing it at equipment
Whoops thx for reminding me. 👍
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Character completed.
Can someone rank my editing skills???
1 to 10
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Thx bra.
Finally completely finished.
Can someone rate the character 1 to 10
How good did I edit him???
Done, let me no about this one to,
Thanks 😁👍
Guys what do you think, every thing Sean right
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Just add history power info weapons etc
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Perfect 😉