John Constantine

DC Television Universe

Constantine's powers and abilities


While referring to himself as merely an "occasional dabbler" after his failed exorcism, John is a master of the occult and mystic arts. Since his teenage years, John has accumulated vast knowledge and skill of magic, mysticism, and the supernatural. He is well-versed in various forms of sorcery, including dark magic. John knows words and phrases of multiple ancient languages, such as Latin, which he will usually chant while performing certain rituals or incantations. Many incantations give him the ability to affect physical forces, such as the inner workings of mechanisms, and the movements of others, allowing him to move objects and control their motion and momentum with the proper incantation. Despite being a master sorcerer in his own right, John finds the idea of facing Damien Darhk suicide; implying that Damien is far more powerful than the former.


John mentioned that he mastered necromancy during his teenage years. With the help of Papa Midnite, he was able to allow the spirits of the dead to move on to the afterlife. John is also capable of restoring a person's lost soul back into their body. He was able to restore Sara Lance's soul, and mentioned he had restored a person's soul once before. He also performed a ritual to temporarily reanimate and speak with the dead at the Chicago morgue using the Hand of Glory artifact.


John can summon various entities, and even control them. He has summoned demons to fight other demons for him, and once summoned a demon into his body to protect himself from a Invunche.


John is capable of capable of banishing demonic and supernatural creatures to Hell through spells, as well as by opening portals to Hell.


John can exorcise spirits that are demonic or ghostly in origin from their hosts by chanting incantations. Exorcism is one of John's most prominent abilities.

Light Magic

Although the full extent of his expertise is unknown, John is capable of using light magic and seems to be quite knowledgeable on how to use it, as he was able to give Oliver a magical tattoo to allow him to channel light magic to fight Darhk.

Cloaking Spell

John recognized and dispelled this magic at Felix Faust's hideout.

Duplicity Spell

John used this spell to cover the location of Jasper Winters' millhouse.

Interdimensional Travel

John, along with Ritchie Simpson, knew the Egyptian dream temple technique that would allow them to travel to the reality of Jacob Shaw. John also performed a ritual that transported himself, Oliver Queen, and Laurel Lance to the spirit world, to rescue the trapped soul of Sara Lance. He later used this technique to help Ava Sharpe and Gary Green to locate Sara Lance across time and space, and gaze into the spirit world of Mallus.

Life-Force Transference

John was able to use a spell that allowed him to tranfer a portion of his life-force energy into a child who had been drained of his own.

Magic Circles

John uses magic circles that can be used for rituals, as boundaries, or traps for certain creatures, such as when he used a magical circle to trap the powerful demon, Furcifer, so he could banish it back to hell.

Protection Spells

John taught Chas Chandler the protective Eye of Horus Egyptian symbol technique to protect the appartment belonging to Liv Aberdine. John also used a Brittonic spell to give Chas Chandler the ability to resurrect himself from the dead, but only a certain number of times. John also mentioned that he could hide Liv Aberdine from demons with a special spell.


John possesses some power over fire, as shown when he was able to create a small ball of fire from his hand, as well as when ignited his hands with a lighter, and suffered no harmful effects from his hands being engulfed in flames.

Revealing Spells

John used a number of revealing spells and dispels.

Sleep Spell

John used this spell to put Zed Martin to sleep.


John once telekinetically closed and locked a door. He also used this power on a manifestation of a League of Assassins member, freezing its motion and suspending it helplessly in mid air before killing it with a sword.


Occult Knowledge

John has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural. John is master of the dark arts and well versed in demonology. He has been studying the dark arts since his teenage years.


John is proficient in creating potent enchanted potions that allow for magical effects to happen. He was able to create a potion that was able to temporarily transform Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe into children.

Skilled Detective

John is a skilled detective, specializing in paranormal investigation.

Expert Con Artist

John has a well known reputation of being a con man.

Expert Escape Artist

John has shown that he can effortlessly break free from hand cuffs, when being interrogated by Jim Corrigan.


John was able to immediately recognize Khapra beetles implying he knows insects and could tell them apart very well.

Extra Sensory Awareness

John had an uneasy feeling when he first arrived in Star City, which Oliver immediately claimed it was because of Damien Darhk.


Aside from English, his mother tongue, John can perform spells in Italian, Assyrian, and Hebrew so it can be presumed he knows the languages fluently. It may also be presumed he knows Arabic and Sanskrit, due to being able to read text written in these languages.

Skilled Combatant

John possesses some proficiency in fighting, occasionally resorting to physical fighting when he can't use a spell. He was able to knock out two opponents, both strong miners, and he later landed a hit on Papa Midnite after a failed summoning. He later fended off ghouls while Zed Martin reclaimed Imogen's angel feather from Zachary, improvising a nearby piece of plywood as a striking weapon, which continued until he defended Zachary from the residual Ghouls breaking into a church, however he was caught off-guard and was only saved from the restoration of Imogen's wings. He also managed to stab Lamashtu with his switchblade while she was attempting to drown him in a fountain in Mexico City, and later fought off an Invunche even after Anne Marie Flynn put him in a weakened state by shooting him, long enough to let Pazuzu possess him to properly fight off the Invunche. In a Mexican prison, he fought off the leading brother of Santa Muerte, despite the latter wielding a knife. When Manny placed a bounty on John's head, he fought off a "voodoo zombie" controlled by Papa Midnite, but he was no match and had to be saved by a gun-toting Jim Corrigan. He later retaliated against Midnite when he snuck up behind him and knocked him down with a series of punches and knocked him out with two hits from the stock of the Ace of Winchester. Years before, he warned Oliver Queen himself that he has "a hell of a right hook."