Captain Metropolis

Captain Metropolis

Nelson Gardner


Captain Metropolis's powers and abilities

Military Protocol:

Gardner used his extensive experience as a former Marine in his super-heroic career, and was said to have been a decorated soldier and military consultant.

Hand to Hand Combat (Basic):

Nelson was a skilled fighter, who applied the marine combat training he undertook to be able to take on multiple thugs at a time.

Tactical Analysis:

Owing to his military background he had a strategic approach for crime fighting as he was the brain behind the Minutemen and later the Crime busters. He was an exceptional planner, and a brilliant strategist who was talented in the field of battle strategy, and ran the minute men's missions like a military operation, applying their specific skills to specific parts to their missions. He also used his tactical prowess and knowledge gained in the army to beat criminals.


As a former marine, Nelson showed extensive skill in the use of all handguns, revolvers and rifles.


Nelson was the leader of the Minutemen, and specialized in mission planning and decision making, a skill that became the downfall of many costumed villains, including moloch and the screaming skull.


Nelson showed extensive skills in driving military vehicles, such as his armored tank and a speed boat.