Brainiac 5

Brainiac 5

Querl Dox

DC Television Universe

Brainiac 5's powers and abilities

Coluan Physiology

Being a synthetic life form, Querl's physiology allows him to shape his body and interact with technology.

Cybernetic Interface

Querl is a Coluan cybernetic being. He is able to transfer body in the form of digital code and teleport through any technology by flying into it while in digital form. He can use any electronics as a portal to another destination, traveling through electronic and digital signals, while he is unable to travel through older broadcasting signals. He can interface with any machinery and manipulate computer systems with a mere gesture, as well as detect digital electronics and signals, while he could not do so with older broadcasting signals and technology. Being incredibly multitasking, he can project his own mind into another via cybernetics devices and maintain enough clarity to speak at the same time with the person to which he is connected and the others in the real world.

Super Strength

Querl's strength allowed him to fight a Kryptonian on equal grounds.

Super Speed

Being a Coluan, Querl is also showcased blinding levels of speed.


Being a Coluan, Querl has the ability to fly, although since he mainly uses his legion ring to fly, it is unknown to how well he is capable of flying.


Querl's body is denser than a human's, but not nearly as durable as a Kryptonian's.


As a digital being, Querl is able to self-repair, though only if he is conscious, otherwise the Omegahedron can be used to reconstitute him.


Being a Coluan, Querl can change his appearance.


Being a Coluan, Querl is able to manipulate his limbs to stretch and elongate to almost no limit and turn his limbs into blades that can pierce into Martians. He is able to absorb bullets harmlessly into his body if shot.


As Querl even states himself, he has the capability of recovering from alcohol libation with remarkable speed.

Abilities via Legion Ring

Each member of the Legion is granted a special ring that serves as a form of identification, along with granting each member several other capabilities. Since having the ring taken by The Hat, he lost these abilities. After the defeat of Manchester, Brainy's ring was returned to him.

Flight The ring has been shown to enable Querl the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Querl to fly in a more hover-like stance rather than the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.

Telepathy Immunity The ring has been shown to give the wearer the ability to resist telepathic abilities such as when M'yrnn J'onzz loses control in the D.E.O. and cause everyone to display violence towards each other.

Oxygen Independence Querlâ??s ring grants him the power to breathe unaided in harsh environments such as the vacuum of space.


Genius-Level Intellect

Querl has a "12th-level intellect", which grants him superhuman calculation skills, amazing memory and exceptional technical know-how. This increased intellect gives him superior calculating abilities, an encyclopedic memory and innovating scientific knowledge even by Coluans standards. By concentrating the power and disciplined nature of his mighty mind he safely operated many 31st century devices with ease.


Querl is trained in psychology and tried to use his skills to enter Kara's mind and help her to wake from her coma.

Expert Pilot

Querl is an extremely skilled pilot, being able to driving The Legion cruiser when in battle with Reign.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant

As a Legionnaire, Querl has participated in Legion combat training and is an adequate hand-to-hand combatant. However, he has yet to overly exert himself in this regard, given his sophistication, such that his personal fighting style leans more on the defensive, and is content with simply and calmly dodging incoming strikes, watching his adversaries tire themselves as they attempt to assault the Coluan with virtually no avail. In fact, thus far the one time when he got aggressive was a case somewhat when he kicked down Pamela Ferrer to incapacitate her and nothing beyond that.

Skilled Medic

After Alex Danvers sustained an injury to her leg when Reign lashed at her with a heavy chain, Brainy was sene tending to her by mounting a futuristic leg-cast over the agent's damaged limb. And though Alex had to use crutches for a time because of the cast, she recovered quickly enough in due time.