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Brainiac 5

Brainiac 5

Querl Dox

DC Television Universe

Brainiac 5's History

Querl Dox, also known as Brainiac 5, is a Coluan and a member of The Legion. A 12th-level intellect, Brainiac 5 is an incredible scientist and combat strategist, affectionately nicknamed "Brainy" by the other legionnaires. He also goes by the name Barney when operating among humans. While organizing a pro-alien rally, he used the screen name American Alien.

Querl was born in the 31st century on the planet Colu into the so-called "Brainiac clan". He is implied to have had a strained relationship with his mother. A genius with a 12th-level intellect, the highest ever recorded on the planet, Querl was inspired by the superheroism of the 21st century and Supergirl's ideals, as well as the story and legend about her. At some point in his life, he joined the Legion, a group of superheroes founded and led by the time-displaced Daxamite Mon-El.

While on a mission, Querl, Mon-El, Imra Ardeen and three other unidentified legionnaires hit a wormhole, and were transported 12,000 years into the past. They decided to put themselves into cryo-sleep until the 31st century, but Mon-El and Imra were awakened early when a torpedo hit their ship in 2017 and they later decided to awaken Brainiac 5 to help Kara after she lost her first fight against Reign.