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Name Publisher Added Updated
Harley Quinn (Animated Series) Harleen QuinzelDC Comics2 d Never
Green Lantern (DCeased) Dinah Drake LanceDC Comics2 d Never
Catwoman (Rebirth) Selina KyleDC Comics2 d Never
Black Canary (Rebirth) Dinah DrakeDC Comics2 d Never
Superboy (Titans) ConnerDC Comics3 d Never
Red Hood (Rebirth) Jason ToddDC Comics3 d 2 d
Ravager (Titans) Rose WilsonDC Comics3 d Never
Joker (Rebirth)DC Comics3 d Never
Harley Quinn (Rebirth) Harleen QuinzelDC Comics3 d 2 d
Robin (Rebirth) Damian WayneDC Comics6 d 3 d
Nightwing (Rebirth) Dick GraysonDC Comics6 d 6 d
Batgirl (Rebirth) Barbara GordonDC Comics10 d 6 d
Frost (Rebirth) Caitlin SnowDC Comics10 d 9 d
Wildcat (CW) Yolanda MontezDC Comics10 d Never
Wonder Woman (Rebirth) Diana PrinceDC Comics10 d 9 d
Wonder Woman (DCeased) Cassie SandsmarkDC Comics10 d Never
Superman (DCeased) Jon KentDC Comics10 d 3 d
Superman (Rebirth) Kal-ElDC Comics10 d 2 d
Batman (DCeased) Damian WayneDC Comics10 d Never
Batman (Rebirth) Bruce WayneDC Comics10 d 5 d
Hourman (CW) Rick TylerDC Comics13 d Never
Nightwing (Titans) Dick GraysonDC Comics13 d 11 d
Deathstroke (Titans) Slade WilsonDC Comics20 d 15 d
Seg-El (Krypton) Seg-ElDC Comics6 mo 21 d Never
Brick (CW) Danny BrickwellDC Comics7 mo 5 d Never
Yao Fei (CW) Yao Fei GulongDC Comics7 mo 20 d Never
Iris West (CW) Iris West-AllenDC Comics8 mo 7 d Never
Iris West (CW) Iris West-AllenDC Comics8 mo 7 d Never
Commander Steel (CW) Henry HeywoodDC Comics8 mo 9 d Never
Firestorm (Injustice) Jason Rusch / Martin SteinDC Comics8 mo 22 d Never
Lex Luthor (CW) Alexander LuthorDC Comics1 y 1 mo 14 d 6 mo 23 d
Lena Luthor (CW) Lena LuthorDC Comics1 y 1 mo 14 d Never
Shado (CW) Shado GulongDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Riddler (Gotham) Edward NygmaDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Medusa (MCU) Medusalith AmaquelinMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 20 d
Brainiac (Krypton)DC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Green Arrow (New 52) Oliver QueenDC ComicsToo long ago...6 d
Stargirl (CW) Courtney WhitmoreDC ComicsToo long ago...14 d
Whiplash Mark II (MCU) Ivan VankoMarvel ComicsToo long ago...Never
Black Bolt (MCU) Blackagar BoltagonMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 15 d
Lex Luthor (New 52) Alexander LuthorDC ComicsToo long ago...11 d
Miss Martian (CW) M'gann M'orzzDC ComicsToo long ago...6 mo 21 d
Karnak (MCU) Karnak Mander-AzurMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 20 d
Iron Patriot (MCU) James RhodesMarvel ComicsToo long ago...8 mo 11 d
Catwoman (New 52) Selina KyleDC ComicsToo long ago...7 d
Winn Schott (CW) Winslow Schott, Jr.DC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Nightwing (Injustice) Damian WayneDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Shazam (Injustice) Billy BatsonDC ComicsToo long ago...6 mo 25 d
Hawkgirl (Injustice) Shiera HallDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Alfred (Gotham) Alfred PennyworthDC ComicsToo long ago...1 y 1 mo 16 d
Triton (MCU) TritonMarvel ComicsToo long ago...Never
Giant-Man (MCU) Scott LangMarvel ComicsToo long ago...Never
Black Canary (New 52) Dinah Drake LanceDC ComicsToo long ago...6 d
Rescue (MCU) Pepper PottsMarvel ComicsToo long ago...Never
Harbinger (CW) Lyla MichaelsDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Doctor Fate (Injustice) Kent NelsonDC ComicsToo long ago...9 mo 9 d
Raven (Injustice) Rachel RothDC ComicsToo long ago...6 mo 13 d
Green Arrow (CW) Oliver QueenDC ComicsToo long ago...6 d
Gorgon (MCU) Gorgon PetragonMarvel ComicsToo long ago...Never
Melinda May (MCU) Melinda MayMarvel ComicsToo long ago...9 d
Batgirl (Arkham) Barbara GordonDC ComicsToo long ago...16 d
Batman (Burtonverse) Bruce WayneDC ComicsToo long ago...1 y 4 mo 2 d
Ravager (CW) Isabel RochevDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Atrocitus (Injustice) AtrosDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
China White (CW) Chien Na WeiDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Killmonger (MCU) Erik StevensMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 2 d
Catwoman (Arkham) Selina KyleDC ComicsToo long ago...7 mo 27 d
Proxima Midnight (MCU) Proxima MidnightMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 1 d
Anarky (CW) Lonnie MachinDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Blackstar (CW) Mia SmoakDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Crystal (MCU) Crystalia AmaquelinMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 28 d
Human Target (CW) Christopher ChanceDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Solomon Grundy (Injustice) Cyrus GoldDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Cupid (CW) Carrie CutterDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Okoye (MCU) OkoyeMarvel ComicsToo long ago...Never
Killer Croc (Arkham) Waylon JonesDC ComicsToo long ago...1 y 4 mo 7 d
Corvus Glaive (MCU) Corvus GlaiveMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 2 d
Emiko Queen (CW) Emiko AdachiDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Quentin Lance (CW) Quentin Larry LanceDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Maximus (MCU) Maximus BoltagonMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 21 d
Penguin (Gotham) Oswald CobblepotDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Ares (Injustice) AresDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Wildcat (CW) Ted GrantDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Daisy Johnson (MCU) Daisy JohnsonMarvel ComicsToo long ago...11 d
Cyborg (Injustice) Victor StoneDC ComicsToo long ago...Never
Cull Obsidian (MCU) Cull ObsidianMarvel ComicsToo long ago...1 y 2 mo 28 d