Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ayo's History

Ayo is a member and the second-in-command of the Dora Milaje tasked to guard the Golden Tribe. Ayo protected T'Challa throughout his rule, although she was forced to briefly follow Erik Killmonger when he had defeated T'Challa in Ritual Combat, until T'Challa returned and defeated Killmonger. Once the threat of Thanos had reached Wakanda, Ayo took part in protecting her nation against this threat, fighting in the Battle of Wakanda until Thanos' victory.

In 2018, Ayo met with Bucky Barnes in Wakanda, following Shuri removing the HYDRA programming out of his brain in 2016. Ayo informed Barnes it was time to test if he was still susceptible to the programming, though Barnes was uncertain if they should try. However, Ayo assured him she would prevent him from hurting anyone. Ayo then recited the activation words, and though Bucky was stressed upon hearing them, it confirmed he was freed of his brainwashing. Barnes began to cry tears of joy at finally being free.

Upon hearing that Helmut Zemo had been broken out of his imprisonment, Ayo was sent to track him down. She left a trail of Kimoyo Beads for Bucky Barnes to follow. When he found her, Ayo demanded to know where Zemo was.