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Team Hawkeye vs Juggernaut
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Team Hawkeye Northeastern Avengers Vol. 2 #1
After receiving Fury's request our heroes arrive in China Town, where Juggernaut was last seen.
Blade: Well where the hell is he, no way we can miss someone that big.
Hawkeye: Watch out!
Juggernaut comes running through a building at our heroes who all dodge.
Juggernaut: Perfect, I was waiting for more good guys to crush.
Crystal: Well ain't you the feisty one today, Marko. But good thing you are as stupid as you are big.
Juggernaut: Guess you're my next victim then!
Just then the abandoned building Juggernaut ran through falls in top of him.
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Team Hawkeye vs Juggernaut
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not voted Could you try to gather everything you have written to one forum? It's really hard to follow
Team Hawkeye vs Juggernaut
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Team Hawkeye Gwen: Well that was easier than I thought.
Hawkeye: You might want to take a step back.
Gwen: Why?
Juggernaut breaks out if the rubble and punches an un-expecting Gwen who is sent flying. Juggernaut then runs through everyone else before they can react.
Juggernaut: What's the matter darling? You ain't talking too much now are ya.
Crystal, musters up a huge ball of fire and aims for Juggernaut.
Juggernaut: Do you know who I am... I'm the Juggernaut bi...
He is interrupted by a shotgun round from Blade.
Blade: That adamantium stings don't it, ouch.
He turns around trying to swat Blade but misses and is meet with an arrow from Hawkeye. The arrow fired at him just bounced off.
Juggernaut: Ha! You think you can hurt the might Juggernaut, little prick?
Hawkeye: That wasn't suppose to hurt you, but that is.
Juggernaut turns around and is blasted by a huge wave of fire from Crystal that somehow knocks off his helmet and at that same moment Spider-Gwen swings around Daredevil (who is holding a knock out dart) and launches him at Cain Marko and it is stuck into his neck. Juggernaut just shrugs this off.
Juggernaut: Really, a little knock out d...
He passes out instantly.
Blade: He really wasn't so bad, what was inside that thing?
Hawkeye: A special chemical agent made by Stark, incase the Hulk became enraged again.
Team Hawkeye vs Juggernaut
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Team Hawkeye @Armirvel, it is in a forum called "Northeastern Avengers" in the comics section, when I'm done with this it'll go there also.
Team Hawkeye vs Juggernaut
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Team Hawkeye They return to their headquarters and wait for any more potential calls.
Daredevil: I wonder why Juggernaut was just rampaging, he only does stuff if he is getting paid for it, who would pay him to do just that?
Hawkeye: Not sure, it would have to be someone with very deep pockets. *internal thoughts* Who could it have been, and how did he escape a cell made just for him?
Crystal: Clint, you need to come see this, it's important.
What is this urgent information... Who is behind the Juggernaut's rampage... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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