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Battles created by 10earthquakes

Team 1 Team 2
UnicronGalactus (Well Fed)3 y 8013
The Living TribunalGrand Priest3 y 39003
Kami TenchiThe Fulcrum3 y 34203
Head Captain Yamamoto (Bleach)Aizen (Bleach)3 y 7313
Obi-Wan KenobiIron Man6 y 111213
Captain AtomDoctor Doom6 y 8113
StarfireAndroid 186 y 13013
Yhwach (Bleach)Thor3 y 10413
NekronGhost Rider4 y 10113
Phoenix ForceSuper Shenron4 y 34103
Superman Prime (One Million)Hulk (Heart Of The Monster)3 y 17513
MegatronUltron5 y 13013
Ego HulkEgo3 y 7013
GalvatronApocalypse5 y 8113
Hulk (Earth-12091)Galactus3 y 401303
DeathstrokeJason Voorhees4 y 12013
Lucifer MorningstarGrand Priest3 y 30503
PreacherKira (Death Note)3 y 14013
Doctor Strange (Classic)Darth Sidious6 y 10013
Sentry & Silver SurferGoku & Broly (Dragon Ball Super)2 y 14613