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Yo, what’s going on, people?😎 It’s your boy 10earthquakes hallin’ at ya with the Gogeta Blue profile, baby! And now (this is me being serious) to share my story, I like to watch YouTube, listen to music, watch movies and TV shows on Netflix and all that. I also like enjoy Star Wars, Naruto, Bleach, Marvel, DC, and many more. I hope you enjoyed my story, peace out.

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HulkBruce Banner16
Ichigo KurosakiIchigo Kurosaki-
Kaguya ŌtsutsukiKaguya Ōtsutsuki-
Lucifer MorningstarSamael85
Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker12
Naruto Uzumaki8
One Punch ManSaitama10
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Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
Stan LeeStan Lee5
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Voted: Black Adam

That's something that Doom can never do again. And it's so obvious that Beyonder is infinitely stronger than Adam.
Voted: Darth Malak

Well, then I guess Malak wins then.
Voted: Darth Malak

You mean apprentice?
Voted: Darth Malak

I have no idea who Darth Malik is, but in a website it said Kylo Ren was more powerful than him. Can you give me some feats from Darth Malak to prove me and the website wrong?
Voted: Meteor Mash

Joe? Who's Joe?
Voted: Meteor Mash

Would make Deathstroke a Jedi as you said.
Voted: Meteor Mash

No, the creators of DC won't do such a thing.
Voted: Kylo Ren

Oh, okay then.
Voted: Kylo Ren

Hurting Superman? When?
Voted: Meteor Mash

To be honest, I don't even know.

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