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Battles created by 10earthquakes

Team 1 Team 2
SupermanJiren (DB)4 y 137200321
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)4 y 7844517
Cosmic Armor SupermanThe Living Tribunal4 y 9618416
World Breaker HulkRune King Thor4 y 11135316
World Breaker HulkGoku (Ultra Instinct) (DB)4 y 13438215
Xeno Goku (Xenoverse)Cosmic Armor Superman3 y 7529415
Darkseid (True Form)Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)4 y 1139315
Omni-King (DB)The Living Tribunal4 y 10817315
Hulk (MCU)Doomsday (DCEU)4 y 11450214
Team The One-Above-AllTeam Azathoth3 y 10658214
The Living TribunalAlien X5 y 12128214
Alien XDr Manhattan (Watchmen)5 y 5315413
Old King ThorOdin4 y 7927313
DarkseidJiren (DB)4 y 9219212
Lucifer MorningstarSpectre (Backed By The Presence)4 y 8220211
HulkBroly (Dragon Ball Super) (DB)3 y 5145311
Captain AtomAlien X4 y 512310
Dr Manhattan (Watchmen)Omni-King (DB)4 y 9514110
Thor & HulkGoku (DB) & Vegeta (DB)5 y 7418210
Goku Black (DB)Black Adam4 y 715210