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Battles created by 10earthquakes

Team 1 Team 2
SupermanJiren4 y 127202320
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)3 y 7744517
World Breaker HulkGoku (Ultra Instinct)3 y 13138215
Darkseid (True Form)Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)3 y 1129315
Xeno Goku (Xenoverse)Cosmic Armor Superman3 y 7431415
Omni-KingThe Living Tribunal3 y 10417315
Hulk (MCU)Doomsday (DCEU)4 y 10843214
Cosmic Armor SupermanThe Living Tribunal4 y 9318314
The Living TribunalAlien X4 y 12028214
World Breaker HulkRune King Thor3 y 10835213
Alien XDr Manhattan (Watchmen)4 y 4511412
Old King ThorOdin3 y 7122312
DarkseidJiren4 y 8616211
Team The One-Above-AllTeam Azathoth3 y 10358111
Lucifer MorningstarSpectre (Backed By The Presence)3 y 8020211
Captain AtomAlien X3 y 502310
Thor & HulkGoku & Vegeta5 y 6917210
ThorPikachu (Pokemon)3 y 5016310
Rune King ThorGoku (Ultra Instinct)3 y 747210
BeerusDarkseid (New 52)3 y 691210