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In the beginning a orb was there. This orb is said to be responsible for the creation of the universe. The orb is powerful enough to create and destroy entire planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes.

Original characters

AlphaJason Brown
AzizaAziza Jones
Code BlueDrew Curry
KattKatherine Galloway
MalevolaMalevola Amducious
NexusVictor Bennett
PulseMarvell Miller
Red StarN'Olein
VioletJennifer Hamilton

Favourite characters

Iron ManTony Stark14
Naruto Uzumaki8
Red StarN'Olein-

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Latest comments

3+ years member.
How fast is Momentum? cause I might put Pulse against him
3+ years member.
All of them are mostly Planet Buster. I didn't want then to be too Strong because I didn't want people to see Red Star as another superman which would be boring, Alpha as another Hulk like character, and Alekos as Thor. That's basically what I was aiming for but they are still strong
3+ years member.
Define power level for me.
3+ years member.
I've seen your characters and you have very powerful characters, and my thought were fuck dude only Red Star, Alpha, and Alekos may be the only comparable characters for them.
3+ years member.
LOL lookin forward to this Rivalry
3+ years member.
Do anyone have Questions on my characters feel free to ask
3+ years member.
I do actually, and thanks
3+ years member.
This Universe is actually new so I don't have any finished product for you
3+ years member.
I'm working on them.
The Mighty Avengers

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