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Battles created by Zarathos

Team 1 Team 2
Joker (New 52)Drax The Destroyer (MCU)3 mo 7013
Moon Knight (Phoenix Force)Divine Spawn (Spawn)4 mo 3012
Wonder Woman (Chaos Lord)Zatanna (Chaos Lord)1 mo 9001
The Darkest Knight (DM)Raven (Unkindness) (FS)3 mo 9001
Thanos (Astral Regulator)Franklin Richards (Adult)4 mo 9001
Superman Prime (One Million)Kratos (GoW)4 mo 3000
God Spawn (Spawn)Franklin Richards (Adult)4 mo 4000
God Spawn (Spawn)Flash Dr Manhattan4 mo 5000
The ArachknightVenom3 mo 1000
Reverse Flash (Arrowverse)Odin (MCU)2 mo 5100
Divine Spawn (Spawn)Superboy-Prime4 mo 4000
Flash Dr ManhattanCosmic Armor Superman4 mo 6000
Divine Spawn (Spawn)Loki (God Of Stories)4 mo 5000
Red XDeadshot3 mo 2000
Team RavenTeam Captain Marvel2 mo 2000
The FlashBatman6 y 2000
God Spawn (Spawn)Superboy-Prime4 mo 3000
Kid Flash (Young Justice) & Aqualad (Young Justice)Superboy4 mo 2000
Doctor FateTeam Batman2 mo 4000
Aqualad (Young Justice) & FlashSuperboy4 mo 1000