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Voted: Rune King Thor

This fight is so close, but unfortunately, I'll back up my man Thor due to the fact he was already above the Skyfathers as King Thor before becoming Rune Thor and Hercules as no resistances to some of Thor's hax.
Voted: Goku

Goku can't physically hurt Juggernaut due to invulnerability; whereas Juggernaut can't touch Goku due to being really slow. The only way this fight would end is if Goku speed bliz and send this guy flying orbit into space, which Juggernaut has no means of escaping since he can't fly.
Voted: Superman

Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Supergirl, Shazam, Black Adam, Darkseid? The same Wonder Woman who has magic due to being the daughter of Zeus? The same Jal Jordan who can also project kryptonite with his ring? The Supergirl who herself has invulnerability due to being a kryptonian? The same Shazam and Black Adam who are humans empowered by magic itself? The same Darkseid who has invulnerability due being a New God and can tap into Omega Effect?
Voted: Superman Cosmic Armor

Okay, which moron would voted for Goku?
Voted: Superman Cosmic Armor

Cosmic Armor Superman pokes, Dragon Ball verse gets extinct gg.
Voted: Vegito

Oh, and Kefla had to Super Saiyan just to battle a single Super Saiyan Blue level opponent, let that sink in for a while.
Voted: Vegito

And who says we are only allowed to pick one version from a single arc, and who says we are not allowed to mix both the manga and the anime? Some feminist? Ain't nobody got, no time for that. You have yet to prove to me that Kefla is stronger than Infinite Zamasu a non-corporeal god who became a timeline, let alone Vegito who is stronger than Blue Goku and Blue Vegeta in his base form.
Voted: Time Trapper

While Lar Gand managed to kill him once, Time Trapper beat him most of the time in a fight.
Voted: Superman (Pre-Crisis)

I have to go with my home boy Pre-Crisis Superman over here for many reasons.
1) While Superman-Prime was able to effect the entire New Earth's universe with his retcon punches as Superboy-Prime, Pre-Crisis Superman can easily do that while have a friendly spar with Jaxon, which isn't just the future timeline, but the entire future multiverse destroy by the Time Trapper.
2) Both are capable of surviving Big Bangs, except Pre-Crisis Superman can handle it much easier.
3) Superman-Prime never shown any signs of multiverse feats before becoming a Time Trapper; whereas Pre-Crisis Superman with his own power already shown signs of multiverse feats.
4) They both have immeasurable speed that's for certain.
5) While Superman-Prime has no weakness, Pre-Crisis Superman has the superior stats here with superior haxs.
6) Overall, I see this as a close fight, with Pre-Crisis Superman having the winning slight edge.
Voted: Superman

Who says this is Post-Crisis Superman? Regular Superman can range between Golden Age Superman to all the way to Modern Age Superman. Also name me one time Superman physically hurt by anyone without magic, kryptonite, red sun, etc.? The only time you can physically hurt him is if he is not absorbing any solar energy, those times he got physically hurt are due to plot induced stupidity and outlier, or he is fighting opponent beyond his league like a 5th dimension imp. There was one time in the comic book where Batman was fighting against a weakened Superman, instead of Superman getting hurt, Batman end up breaking his hand just by punching him.

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