Rahne Sinclair

Prime Marvel Universe

Wolfsbane's History

Rahne Sinclair was born in Scotland and was delivered by Dr. Moira MacTaggart, daughter of Lord Kinross and close friend and professional associate of Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. Her father, a Presbyterian minister called Reverand Craig, told no one Rahne was his child as he was ashamed of the illicit relationship which had sired her, but he took her in and raised her as an orphan. His treated her harshly, but she was befriended by MacTaggert, whose ward she became. Sinclair's mutant power, which enables her to transform herself into a wolf-like being, emerged at puberty. One night when Sinclair was fourteen, she fled in wolf form from a mob led by Reverend Craig, who believed her to be possessed by the devil. One member of the mob shot at Sinclair, inflicting a flesh wound. In wolf form Sinclair ran past MacTaggert, fell, and reverted to human form before her eyes. Recognizing Sinclair, MacTaggert took her under her protection, saving her from the mob. MacTaggert brought Sinclair to Professor Xavier in America. There Sinclair became one of the first members of Xavier's new team of young superhuman mutants, the New Mutants, whom he trained in the use of their mutant powers. Sinclair remained a member of the team until it disbanded, and came to regard her guardian, MacTaggert, as her surrogate mother. In Xavier's absence, Cable reorganized the group known as the New Mutants into the mutant strike force, X-Force. Sinclair stayed with the team for a while but left to become a member of the government sanctioned X-Factor, a team of superhuman mutants organized by the United States government to deal with mutant related combat and crime fighting missions inside and outside of the U.S. Sinclair left X-Factor after events which lead to the destruction of the team. Sinclair then returned to the only place she could really call home, Muir Island, and was reunited with Moira MacTaggert. Sinclair later joined Excalibur, the superhuman champions who primarily operate within the United Kingdom. When that group disbanded, she remained in England. Shortly after Excalibur disbanded, Mystique developed a new strain of the Legacy Virus and attacked Muir Island after hearing MacTaggert discovered a cure. Moira was gravely injured, and Rhane lost her her powers when shot by a Neutralizer gun. Rogue defeated Mystique, and Rhane accompanied the X-Men back to Salem Center. On the plane ride to the States, Moira died with Rhane by her side. Moira's death hit Rhane hard, though she did accept an offer to teach at the newly opened Xavier Institute and supervise the Paragon squad. Her powers eventually returned after she allowed Josh Foley of the recently formed New Mutants squad to use his healing powers on her. When healed, she briefly went feral and nearly killed Josh. Josh survived, and Moonstar brought Rhane back from her savage state. Although Josh was seeing fellow student Laurie Collins, he and Rhane began an affair. Upon it being exposed to the school and faculty by some students, Rhane left the school before Cyclops and Emma Frost could decide on her future at the Institute. New Mutant teammate and old friend Karma tried to bring her back but Rhane explained her place right now was with Jamie Madrox and X-Factor Investigations, though she hinted at an eventual return.