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Favourite characters

Animal ManBernhard Baker7
BatgirlBarbara Gordon8
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Black BoltBlackagar Boltagon12
Blue Beetle IIIJaime Reyes7
Bruce Lee-
Captain AtomNathaniel Adam37
DaredevilMatt Murdock7
DeadpoolWade Wilson16
DeathstrokeSlade Joseph Wilson8
Doctor FateKent Nelson16
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
FirestormRonald Raymond8
Hal JordanHal Jordan14
Iron FistDanny Rand8
JokerJack Napier10
Karate Kid-
Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzz21
Michael MyersMichael Myers-
NightwingDick Grayson8
OdinOdin Borson62
Ra's Al GhulRa's Al Ghul9
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
Timber Wolf-
VenompoolWade Wilson20
VixenMari McCabe5
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17
ZatannaZatanna Zatara10

Latest comments

Flash easily solos
2+ years member.
Black Canary would take out Daredevil, Elektra, and maybe even Iron Fist with a single scream. Everyone could then work together to defeat Black Panther. Team 1 wins
2+ years member.
wolfdragon123 Team Battle 21 hours ago
Thor could probably solo
2+ years member.
wolfdragon123 Team Battle 21 hours ago
I would normally say Team Magic if they were different characters, but the characters on team 2 are not as powerful as a lot of other magic users. So I would have to go with team 1. Superman could easily take out Doctor Doom, Zatanna, and Constantine before they are able to do anything by incinerating them with his heat vision. He might even be able to defeat Raven this way, but if he doesn't, then he would probably engage in battle with her after trying. Gladiator and Hulk could probably defeat Loki and Doomsday, Juggernaut, and Solomon Grundy could most likely defeat Hela.
2+ years member.
@SirSpidey: What are you talking about? Mjolnir has broken before. Wonder Woman's bracelets have never broken (as far as I know).
2+ years member.
When has Professor X done that before?
2+ years member.
It would definitely be a really cool battle, but I would give it to Team Nightwing because they have someone with molecular manipulation, but Team Spider-Man does not.
2+ years member.
If Swamp Thing saw Hulk as a threat to his plants, there is little anyone could do to stop him from killing Hulk
2+ years member.
It is true that Orion is Darkseid's biological son, but during the war between them, Darkseid and the Highfather swapped kids as a truce and symbol of peace to end the war. Orion was adopted by Highfather and Scott Free (Mister Miracle) was adopted by Darkseid. Both Orion and Mister Miracle ended up being good though. They have fought alongside the Justice League and have helped defeat Darkseid.
2+ years member.

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