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Trantor is a fictional planet in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series and Empire series of science fiction novels. Trantor was first mentioned in a short story by Asimov, 'Black Friar of the Flame', later collected as The Early Asimov , Volume 1. It was described as a human-settled planet in the part of the galaxy not ruled by an intelligent reptilian race (later defeated). Later, Trantor gained prominence when the 1940s Foundation series first appeared in print (in the form of short stories). Asimov described Trantor as being in the centre of the galaxy. In later stories he acknowledged the growth in astronomical knowledge by retconning its position to be as close to the galactic centre as was compatible with human habitability. Trantor is the capital of the Galactic Empire . Later, after the fall of the Empire, the planet is isolated from all technological splendor, undergoing a process of involution in which its inhabitants, mostly agricultural, call the planet Hame, which according to Asimov is a distortion of the word "Home".

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