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1+ years member.
Sakura should be at least a 13. Adult Sakura should be at least a 17. Please update Sakura and Naruto and Sasuke. All should be in between 13-22 range.
1+ years member.
Sasuke should be a 16. If adult Sasuke, then a 20. Each 1 point below Naruto. Please update Sasuke as well as Naruto and Sakura.
1+ years member.
Naruto needs to be at least a 17. If this is adult Naruto, then a 21. Naruto really needs to be updated. His strength too, is way greater than 100,000 tons, since he has tanked moon-splitting attacks by Toneri and eventually defeated him by overpowering him and the moon itself is greater than 113 trillion tons since mount everest is 113 trillion tons itself. Naruto's strength level should be greater than 113 trillion tons, around 115 trillion tons level. Naruto's speed should also be at least a 90 since he is faster than the speed of light now and also has the reaction speed to complement his initial speed (he has dodged Madara's purple lightning attack, which is stated to be faster than the speed of light). His strength and intelligence should also go up to, strength to around 85-90 and intelligence to a 75-80 since he has gotten a lot smarter, wiser, and more knowledgeable as hokage and he comes up with exceptional tactics and plans during battle as well during the fourth great shinobi war arc.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Beyonder

The Beyonder is basically omnipotent, not even Amazo can copy the beyonder's abilities to become omnipotent. In a blink of an eye, basically the Beyonder by himself would wipe all of his opponents off the surface of the earth......
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Black Canary

This is an interesting and fair fight, but I believe Gamora would be too much for the team 2. Even with Black Widow deducing down Gamora's weaknesses, it won't be easy to execute. Plus there is the assassin, Elektra and Black Canary has her screaming abilities that can neutralize all of team 2. Team 2 is definitely a lot smarter than Team 1 with Black Widow and Barbara Gordon, but they are significantly weaker and plus, they aren't nearly as smart as Batman is. If Batman is there to help out Barbara, then Team 2's chances of winning are significantly higher. Team 1 wins with prep in my opinion.
1+ years member.
Voted: Deathstroke

Deathstroke already knows how to beat the Teen Titans and he has come close to giving to JLA some trouble, so the Teen Titans shouldn't be anywhere as hard to beat as the JLA. He made contingency plans for the Teen Titans just like Batman did with the JLA. He knows each and every one of their weaknesses and can execute his plan almost perfectly since they are nearly not as smart and experienced as Slade, unless one their names is Bruce Wayne.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Batman

I do see a scenario in which team batman wins. Batman brings his special red kryptonite and gives them to everyone on his team and both teams could fight as equals. I'm going to change my vote actually to team batman lol.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Hulk

the male team stomps, they excel in strength, power, durability, intelligence, and experience. The only real challenge for team 2 is jean grey and power girl. everyone else on team 1 are going to be taken out farely quickly. batman, magnet, doctor doom, and bane are all master tacticians and can lead a team. I dont see any real leadership in team 1 tho. hulk and thing are the smashing duo lol. batman and bane working together could be a serious threat to team 1 and magneto and doom is a good duo.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Batman

This battle is the epitome of brains vs. brawn, but im afraid there are too many superpowers on team 1 with supes, kara, cysupes, and zod. superwoman and steel are going to get taken out for sure by the bat family as master tacticians. but the supes family are just too much for them. sadly as a batman fan, I have to go with the supes fam. Plus, damian is too young and inexperienced for this fight, he's going to die. same could be said for jason todd and batwoman. batman, barbara, and dick are going to be a real challenge despite the power of the supes fam.
1+ years member.
Voted: Alfred Pennyworth

@Nitecrow exactly, alfred has some serious strength and technique for an old guy. his combat and strength should be increased a little. maybe a 20 strength and a 60 combat. his intelligence should be like 75 at least. he knows a lot of things and has taught batman a lot of things. hes like a mentor for batman. ajax has durability as stats show, but not as durable as supes. when alfred is angry and loses a loved one like batman or robin, he's going to do u like he did to supes.
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