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I’ve been an avid comic book fan since I began collecting them im middle school. Whenever the Mad Titan known as Thanos hit the comic book world my perception changed and since high school he’s been my absolute favorite character that I’ve read in entirety. I’m thankful to have found this site since debating and chatting about comic books is my hobby. Cheers.

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NovaRichard Rider17
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I'm new to this website and I'm sorry but I don't know who Martin is.
Thanos will always be my favorite comic character. His story is such a well, beautiful concept and he made me realize my true passion for the comic book genre when I was just in middle school.
"The Infinity Gauntlet"
"The Infinity War"
What truly got me into comic books for eternity.
Voted: Deadpool

Deadpool power would be too much for Steve. Either that or he annoys him to triumph.
Voted: Galactus

Without his prized possession the Mad Titan would be utterly trampled against the greater Galactus.
I have clicked the 'request' option and added my uSTATS. Thank you for the reply sir.
Voted: Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)

Without the Infinity Gauntlet this would be a much more interesting contest. With the possession of the gauntlet this isn't a question of who will win.
I know this community has been asked this plenty of times most likely. I'm very new to this website and I'm wondering how often these characters are updated? Cheers.
Voted: Iron Man

I do not believe Black Panther will be capable to withstand Iron Man's energy arsenal.
Voted: Nova

Very good fight it would be. I'm taking Nova but only by a hair.
Fantastic Four

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