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Powers: Flight(Mach 3), Super Strength(99 tons), Super Intelligence(IQ 185), Archery Skill, Electrokinesis

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Captain BritainBrian Braddock8
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Katniss EverdeenKatniss Everdeen5
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SalamanderNatsu Dragneel-
SentryRobert Reynolds20
She-HulkJennifer Walters13
ThorThor Odinson30
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WolfsbaneRahne Sinclair4

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Maybe it's not only are you invincible, you have the added ability that any harm directed towards you gets reflected back to your opponent!
Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe it means you have the power to make your opponent go really slow!
So did her dad think that she was a werewolf or something?
Same here, but if I did, I'd probably play Minecraft.
I like how your username has the name of Thor´s original secret identity!
For example, I think Thor make sense as a metalhead.
I'll have to either say Five Finger Death Punch or Skillet. Probably my favorite song at the moment is Monster by Skillet.
"This drink, I like it. Another!" -Thor