The True Top 10 Most Powerful Dc Characters To Ever Exist

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About #1. The Leviathan Of Stories (There are infinite whales each representing singular layers within the true leviathan, The leviathan is by far the most overpowered thing we've seen in comics, it is a living endless hierarchy with no top or bottom, infinite layers of existence each viewing the previous as some sort of fictional story all contained within the leviathan, the realm Utu/Enlil exists within is only 1 layer within the leviathan, with the oversphere, final heaven and others being each individual layers too, each layer transcends the previous one to the same degree, and that would be pretty shocking since the eonymous views final heaven as some enslaved fictional story of entertainment. It has also been described that the feeling of knowing the complexity of the leviathan would make reality seem like bubbles.) #2. Utu/Enlil (They seemingly created the leviathan (false one, not the true one) and are the true gods of the layered fake leviathans each transcending the DC multiverse to a fictional platonic level, having basically unlimited power to everything we've talked about prior to this, they exist within the highest recorded layer of existence within the leviathan so far, exceeding the oversphere, final heaven and other layers of existence, Enlil has been stated above Utu but i'd rather keep them together in one section so i don't have to talk about them more.) #3. Greg Feely/The Hand (Greg feely is such a weird & complex character, and it's so hard to understand his nature. Just like Retconn corporation to Ahl, residents of the oversphere worship the hand as some all powerful god, I mean the policemen of the oversphere literally say they work for the hand as their police signal, greg freely can edit and close the entire continuity (oversphere and below) just by saying "continuity online", he can also simply destroy beings who broke the "fiction wall" by simply updating the continuity. Oversphere, final heaven and overvoid are all NOTHING to him, and they're all created within the crack which is an accidental creation of him.) #4. Rita Farr (When haxxalon had the powers of Ahl the god of superheroes, he seemingly failed to kill rita farr with his bullet bouncing right back at him and killing him, despite this being impressive it is nowhere near her best scaling yet, Within milk wars, ordered by the oversphere and done by final heaven, Rita farr was tortured as some sort of weird Jesus by retconn corporation, then for her to realize the full extent of her power and decide to escape, when she does she goes not only beyond final heaven, but even beyond the oversphere and becoming omnipresent throughout them both through all time and space, seeing final heaven as a mere coffee stain and eventually leaving the oversphere to an even HIGHER plane of existence where she on accident leaves the literal comic panel and reboots everything from the oversphere and below in DC, making it stable again after retconn seemingly wiped all the stories from the overvoid.) #5. The Eonymous (The Eonymous is a group of television addicted gods that value entertainment above all else, they exist within the oversphere and view final heaven as some enslaved fictional tv show, if they aren't entertained by the infinite slaves they have down at final heaven or below, they will destroy everything within final heaven and below leaving absolutely nothing left, Ahl the god of superheroes and Haxxalon (the all powerful beings of final heaven) are still fictional to the eonymous, and in order to broadcast from final heaven to the oversphere and entertain the eonymous they use the "omnipotence box".) #6. Ahl the god of Superheroes (Ahl is the literal God of Superheroes, his name does not lie, he is the reason everything on The Overvoid exists at the first place (you could also argue within Final Heaven, but whatever I don't care). Ahl has every characters narrative as just a fraction of his. And the most potent one is Superman his narrative, the story of Superman which has a direct line of DNA from Ahl. Ahl is worshipped by the Retconn Corps as an Omnipotent God. Him splitting fractions of his power apart, is still enough to clap Final Heaven.) #7. Haxxalon the star Archer (Originally a play toy for kids, but then discovered to be dangerous thus buried deep in the dirt for the danger of this toy, Haxxalon then proceeded to reach final heaven as some sort of copyright product, or as his most common name is, "the disappointment", after reaching final heaven his main desire was to take the god of superheroes place as the all powerful being of final heaven, he did as much research on the god of superheroes as possible discovering the god of superheroes ultimate weakness, the "brick that can think", after turning Danny into a brick, he used it to kill the mighty god of superheroes and steal his power, he also has a gun that allows him to kill the retconn corps of he shoots it, and he is the archenemy of the doom patrol.) #8. Story of Superman (not on the site) (The story of Superman is the narrative of the first Superhero in DC History, the chad (not mordru level) Superman. The Story of Superman has been shown in numerous works. It has been shown in current JLA when Superman fought the World Forger. It has been shown in Where is Thy Sting when Death discovered Superman his narrative and Hope will still exist even if creation itself ceases to be. It was shown in Doomsday Clock when Manhattan discovered that no matter how much he tries to change the Metaverse or retcon it/erase it, Superman his very existence never changed nor can't be edited. Manhattan erased the Metaverse and discovered that it keeps surrounding itself to Superman his Narrative, him being the first thing in creation. And most famously, it has been shown in Milk Wars, where the team of Retconn Corporation are basically unable to edit or alter the story of Superman which is very impressive since they are able to alter and change the Overvoid as they please. There we also found out his very narrative comes from the DNA of Ahl. So basically the Story of Superman prevents Superman from being haxxed or warped by higher existing/more powerful beings. Hence Superman was able to take such high warping levels of power. You would need to be at least Ahl tier or above to be able to change or erase the very narrative of Superman. Superman is the north star of the Metaverse, the first superhero, the biggest chad in DC.It only makes sense for his narrative to be the reason why DC even exists and surrounds itself to.) #9. Retconn corporation (Led by lord manga khan (the head of retconn corpse), Retconn corporation is basically the DC writers and editors but within final heaven, they're a group of beings that control everything that happens on the overvoid, they have a button that allows them to erase all stories off the overvoid within a single click, they have authority over all fanfictions non canon and even copyright stories as well, they have milk that they gave to milkmanman which encompasses all of that too.) #10. Milkmanman (Milkman man is a flawed copy of the Story of Superman created by the Retconn Corporation, who made him by influence of their milk. Milkman man being a copy of the narrative of Superman is already ******* overpowered, but he existed in Final Heaven, which views the Overvoid as mere fiction. He saw the Overvoid itself as mere fiction, due to Crazy Jane her art manipulation. Milkman man was able to swap hands with many tiers in Final Heaven. And his Milk was able to save the entire DC continuity, when all of it was corrupted. )

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