The Lobster

The Lobster

Lobster Johnson


The Lobster's History

A vigilante in the 1930s, Lobster Johnson murdered criminals and subsequently burned his trademark lobster claw on their foreheads as his calling card. Though the public believes that The Lobster was only the hero of pulp serials and comics, he was a real man who faced paranormal threats as well as gangsters.

Eventually, the Lobster outgrew petty mobsters and crooks and moved on to killing Nazis instead, which ended in the untimely deaths of himself during a secret American commando assault on Hunte Castle in Austria to stop the Nazi space program in 1939, and his sidekick in pursuing a Nazi saboteur who destroys a train carrying scientists and equipment for the Manhattan Project.

In modern times, The Lobster came back as a powerful ghost to help Hellboy in his adventures.