The Italian Job (2003)

The Italian Job (2003)

Get in. Get out. Get even.

Status Released
SHDb Rating 6.3 / 10
5 ratings
Universe Italian Job - Italian Job
Runtime 110 min.
Story Charlie Croker pulled off the crime of a lifetime. The one thing that he didn't plan on was being double-crossed. Along with a drop-dead gorgeous safecracker, Croker and his team take off to re-steal the loot and end up in a pulse-pounding, pedal-to-the-metal chase that careens up, down, above and below the streets of Los Angeles.
CastMark Wahlberg as Charlie Croker, Charlize Theron as Stella Bridger, Edward Norton as Steve, Jason Statham as Handsome Rob, Seth Green as Lyle, Yasiin Bey as Left Ear, Donald Sutherland as John Bridger

Characters in The Italian Job (2003)

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