The Amalgam Members (mardc)

A Movies collection created by BlotskyA

Collector BlotskyA
Type Movies
About These are the villains of the MarDC, and the ones, I'm Using as a Variation, so always remember to use this.

Collection items

Access Axel Asher
Amazon Ororo
Angrir Ben Grimm
Atomic Knight Gardner Grayle
Atomic Knight
Atomic Skull Joseph Martin
Atomic Skull
Beastling Henry Logan
Black Panther (Venomized) T’Challa
Black Panther (Venomized)
Black Widow (Worthy) Natasha Romanoff
Black Widow (Worthy)
Blue Devil
Blue Devil
Blue Lantern Barry Allen
Blue Lantern
Blue Lantern Hal Jordan
Cable (Venomized) Nathan Summers
Captain America (Venomized) Steve Rogers
Captain America (Venomized)
Captain America (Worthy) Steve Rogers
Captain America (Worthy)
Captain Marvel William Mar-Vell
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel (Venomized) Carol Danvers
Captain Marvel (Venomized)
Captain Universe (Hulk) Bruce Banner
Captain Universe (Hulk)
Captain Universe (Juggernaut) Cain Marko
Captain Universe (Juggernaut)
Captain Universe (Spider-Man) Peter Parker
Captain Universe (Spider-Man)
Captain Universe (X-23) Laura Kinney
Captain Universe (X-23)
Catsai Elektra Kyle
Cosmic Ghost Rider Frank Castle
Cosmic Ghost Rider
Cyclops (Venomized) Scott Summers
Cyclops (Venomized)
Dare the Terminator Slade Murdock
Dare the Terminator
Dark Claw Logan Wayne
Dark Claw
Dark Phoenix (Venomized) Jean Grey
Dark Phoenix (Venomized)
Dawnbreaker Bruce Wayne
Deadeye William Lawton
Doctor Strange (Damnation) Stephen Strange
Doctor Strange (Damnation)
Doctor Strange (Venomized) Stephen Strange
Doctor Strange (Venomized)
Doctor Strangefate Charles Xavier
Doctor Strangefate
Drax The Destroyer (Venomized) Arthur Sampson Douglas
Drax The Destroyer (Venomized)
Fallen One Norrin Radd
Fallen One
Flashulk Bruce Allen
Gamora (Venomized) Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan
Gamora (Venomized)
Ghost Rider (Venomized) Robbie Reyes
Ghost Rider (Venomized)
Goblin By Night Norman Russell
Green Goblin (Venomized) Norman Osborn
Green Goblin (Venomized)
Green Lantern Batman Bruce Wayne
Green Lantern Batman
Green Skull Alexander Luthor
Green Skull
Greithoth, Breaker Of Wills Carl Creel
Grim Knight Bruce Wayne
Grim Knight
Groot (Venomized) Groot
Groot (Venomized)
Hulk (Venomized) Amadeus Cho
Hulk (Venomized)
Hulk (Worthy) Bruce Banner
Hulk (Worthy)
Hunter Carol Danvers
Hyena Creed H.Quinn
Iron Fist (Venomized) Danny Rand
Iron Fist (Venomized)
Iron Hammer Stark Odinson
Iron Lantern Hal Stark
Iron Lantern
Iron Man (Sorceror Supreme) Doctor Anthony Stark
Iron Man (Sorceror Supreme)
Iron Man (Venomized) Tony Stark
Iron Patriot Norman Osborn
Iron Patriot
Iron Spider Peter Parker
Iron Spider
John Constantine (Power Of Shazam) John Constantine
John Constantine (Power Of Shazam)
Kingpin (Venomized) Wilson Fisk
Kingpin (Venomized)
Kuurth Cain Marko
Lethal Sergei Minerva
Magneto (Venomized) Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Magneto (Venomized)
Man-Thing (Venomized) Dr. Theodore Sallis
Man-Thing (Venomized)
Mariner Arthur McKenzie
Merciless Bruce Wayne
Mercury Pietro Allen
Mister X J’onn J’onzz
Mister X
Moonwing Richard Grayson
Ms. Marvel (Venomized) Carol Danvers
Ms. Marvel (Venomized)
Orange Lantern Lex Luthor
Orange Lantern
Punisher (Sorcecr Supreme) Frank Castle
Punisher (Sorcecr Supreme)
Punisher (venomized) Frank Castle
Punisher (venomized)
Red Death Bruce Wayne
Red Death
Red Dog Carl Creel
Red Goblin Norman Osborn
Red Goblin
Red Lantern Mera
Red Lantern
Red Lantern Hal Jordan
Red Lantern
Sabretooth (Venomized) Victor Creed
Sabretooth (Venomized)
Scarlet Spider Benjamin Reilly
Scarlet Spider
Shatterstarfire Koriand’ru
Shazam Who Laughs Billy Batson
Shazam Who Laughs
Shulk Jennifer Walters
Silver Sentry Silver Sentry
Skulk Bruce Banner
Soldier Supreme Stephen Rogers
Speed Demon Blaze Allen
Speed Demon
Speed Demon Wally West
Speed Demon
Spider-Boy Peter Ross
Spider-Man (Worthy) Peter Parker
Spider-Man (Worthy)
Storm (Venomized) Ororo Munroe
Storm (Venomized)
Super-Martian Kal
Super-Soldier Clark Kent
Superman (Red Lantern) Kal-El
Superman (Red Lantern)
Superman (Worthy) Kal-El
Superman (Worthy)
Superman (Yellow Lantern) Clark Kent
Superman (Yellow Lantern)
Superman Blue Clark Kent
Superman Blue
The Batman Who Laughs Bruce Wayne
The Batman Who Laughs
The Drowned Bryce Wayne
The Drowned
Thorion the Hunter Thorion
Thorion the Hunter
Weapon H Clayton
Weapon H
Weapon Hex Laura Kinney
Weapon Hex
Weapon XI Weapon XI
Weapon XI
White Witch Wanda Zatara
White Witch
Wonder Woman (Worthy) Diana Prince
Wonder Woman (Worthy)
Yellow Lantern Jonathan Crane
Yellow Lantern
Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan
Yellow Lantern
Yellow Lantern Bruce Wayne
Yellow Lantern