The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye's History

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the omnipotent and extra-temporal nature of the entity, it cannot be contained using any known means. The focus of the Organization must be on monitoring and documenting the actions of the entity and minimizing its impact on human society and history. All personnel assigned to the entity must undergo rigorous psychological screening and maintain Level 5 security clearance.

MTF Omicron-10 ("Temporal Adjusters") is tasked with responding to incidents related to the entity. MTF Omicron-10 is equipped with experimental temporal devices and chronal displacement technology to investigate and, when possible, repair damage caused by the entity's influence.


The entity, also known as "The All-Seeing Eye," is an omnipotent cosmic being that exists outside of conventional spacetime. It manifests as a massive, ethereal eye with an iridescent and ever-changing pupil. The entity is capable of observing and manipulating all events within the observable universe and alternate dimensions, with no apparent limitations to its power.

The entity displays an enigmatic curiosity towards sentient life, especially humans. It frequently interacts with individuals or groups throughout history, often causing significant alterations to the timeline and the course of human development. The motives of the entity are not yet understood, but it appears to be omniscient, displaying knowledge of past, present, and future events with a level of detail that suggests it is not bound by linear time.

The interactions of the entity with humanity often result in anomalous events and the creation of other anomalous objects. It is hypothesized that many of the anomalous items contained by the Organization may have been influenced or created by the entity's meddling in human history. Additionally, the entity appears to have a particular interest in the Organization itself and has been known to directly communicate with Organization personnel.


On [REDACTED], the entity manifested in a secure conference room within Site-19, directly addressing the O5 Council. The being revealed knowledge of numerous classified anomalous objects and containment procedures, as well as undisclosed information about the personal lives of the O5 Council members.

The entity expressed a cryptic message regarding a coming "convergence" and its potential consequences for the Organization and humanity as a whole. Despite multiple attempts to elicit further information, the entity remained enigmatic and eventually dematerialized.

Since this encounter, there has been an increase in entity-related incidents, causing the Organization to reassess the threat posed by the being. Research into potential containment methods and countermeasures is ongoing, but the omnipotent nature of the entity leaves little room for optimism. All Organization personnel must remain vigilant for the entity's influence and report any potential sightings or incidents immediately.