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Battles created by SupremeDreams

Team 1 Team 2
Blue MarvelSpawn (Spawn)6 mo 9013
Green LanternBlue Marvel6 mo 8013
Gumball Watterson (Gumball) & Darwin Watterson (Gumball)Nicole Watterson (Gumball) & Anais Watterson (Gumball)6 mo 21102
Cosmic King ThorThe Shadow Of Thunder6 mo 23102
The Absence & The One-Above-AllThe Presence & Azathoth2 y 12001
Team Loki (God Of Stories)Team Lucifer Morningstar5 mo 13001
FenrisUriel11 mo 13201
Cell Max (DB)Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan) (DB)25 d 10201
Team ThorRune King Thor6 mo 11001
Lucifer Morningstar (Arrowverse) & Lucifer (Supernatural)Lucifer Morningstar & Lucifer6 mo 8001
Team Loki (MCU)Team Scarlet Witch (MCU)5 mo 7001
Black Frieza (DB)Granola (Greatest Warrior) (DB)25 d 11001
Team Scarlet WitchLucifer Morningstar6 mo 15101
Generator Rex (Generator Rex) & Agent Six (Generator Rex)Ben 10 & Max Tennyson5 mo 8001
Fallen OneCosmic King Thor4 mo 7001
The Primordial DreamerThe Primordial One9 mo 7001
The Absence & The Primordial DreamerLssb 1million Inferno (ALPHA PRIME)5 mo 9401
Black Frieza (DB)Gas (Limit Breaker) (DB)25 d 9001
Alien X & The Living TribunalRune King Thor & Cosmic Armor Superman9 mo 5000
The Flash & Reverse-FlashSilver Surfer & Quicksilver6 mo 3000