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Superheroes are essentially my favorite genre/media in the world. Comparing them and pitting them against each other is even more fun.

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Spider-ManPeter Parker10

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Voted: Superman

I mean Classic Swamp Thing would dumpster Superman extremely quickly, but I'm assuming that we're talking about New 52/Flashpoint. In that case, Superman would most likely defeat Swamp Thing unless he becomes the Green Absorbed or utilizes the World Tree.
Dunno if anyone has suggested this yet, but can there be some way to individually reply to comments in a comment chain?Arguments between two people and just regular comments to the original commenter can be really difficult to navigate sometimes.
Voted: One-Above-All

[Insert comment from Stas explaining that TOAA is Absolute Infinity character meaning he can't be beat by anyone lower than him]
Both are strong, but AFAIK wasn't adamantium an attempt to recreate vibranium? If that is, vibranium should be stronger than adamantium.
Stas Team Battle 5 days ago
Voted: Team Green Goblin

Clayface will be difficult for them to kill, but Spidey villains have this locked down. In general they have the technology, strength, and versatility to trump these villains, and Venom will be a nightmare for the Batman villains to fight against.
Voted: One Punch Man

Saitama: "Omae wa mou, shinderu."
Captain America: "What?"
OHKO: Saitama WINS!
Franklin Richards in adult form is definitely on the top. Dude can just warp reality as he pleases and has no real recorded weaknesses.
Voted: Goku

See I don't really like these Saitama fights because of course in his current state Goku would absolutely kill Saitama (Goku is Universe+, Saitama is Planet Level AFAWK), but OPM is still ongoing and we've heard theories from in-universe characters that Saitama probably doesn't have a natural limiter that limits his strength, so for all we know Saitama could be Low Multiversal and have limitless durability, speed, and strength..
Stas One Punch Man 6 days ago
See my problem with ranking Saitama higher is that OPM is still ongoing, as AFAWK Saitama's strength is pretty much limitless since once of the characters in the manga stated that Saitama is the way he is because he broke his natural limiter, meaning that he most likely doesn't have an upper limit. Essentially he's as strong as he needs to be for any fight. Like feat wise he's on par with Grey Hulk, but his potential is probably so much higher. The best course of action would be to raise his rank to Grey Hulk or even Hulk's level and leave him there until the manga ends so we really know Saitama's true limits.
Stas Team Battle 6 days ago
Voted: Team Black Racer

I'd wager that Team Black Racer would probably win this since most of these Flashes can perform the Infinite Mass Punch, as well as the Speed Force just being broken as hell and extremely useful (not to mention Hulk hasn't really fought anyone as fast as the Flash besides Silver Surfer, and even then he doesn't have any feats that come close to reaching Massively FTL+).