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1+ years member.
Bastion from Overwatch is in the database twice, as The Last Bastion and E54 Bastion
1+ years member.
Especially with the amount of characters being created that are not actually original, despite the warmimg
361 days ago
1+ years member.
"By submitting your character you agree that it is your own creation." Your original characters are not
1+ years member.
I'm new to using the site, and I've found having the OC's mixed in with the database a bit confusing, I think it would be best to have some kind of distinction when browsing to distinguish real characters from user created ones
1+ years member.
Haha thanks. I'm pretty sure that really is it but if not I'll let you know😂
1+ years member.
Voted: Justice League

The Avengers could win with a slightly different lineup, swap out Hawkeye and Black Widow for maybe Scarlet Witch and Vision or possibly throw in Captain Marvel. But with this team, they lose. (Unfortunately, because I'm a Marvel fanboy)
1+ years member.
Thanks. (Also forgot Pharah sorry I keep doing that I swear it's the last one)
1+ years member.
One more I forgot, Winston (Specimen 28)
1+ years member.
Oh haha sorry. I'll take her off
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