So no, my real name is not Splendif (But wouldn't it be legit if it was?). However, my identity is secret. AKA, I don't want to tell you. lolAnyway, I love superheroes. They're my second biggest obsession, after the J-Man up in heaven (Yes, I mean Jesus. :D). If all goes according to plan, I'd love to get into youth ministry. :)I'm both a Marvel and DC guy, and I can't bring myself to choose which one I prefer. -As far as Marvel goes, my favorite characters are Captain America, Nova, and Moon Knight. There are plenty of other characters I like/love, but those are my real Marvel favorites. Magneto is my favorite villain. :D-As far as DC goes, my favorite characters are Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin (Tim Drake), Green Arrow, and Rorschach from Watchmen in there as well. My favorite DC villains are Deathstroke and Ra's Al Ghul. :D Combine those lists, and Captain America is on top. He's the ultimate hero if you ask me. :)So there's my story. ENJOY LIFE!!!

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