I'm a true fan of Marvel/DC and started collecting in the mid 70's up to mid year 2000, yeah I'm one of those Gen X's who had a huge 2000+ comics and valuable comic book collections with some now being worth more than a couple of double digits multiple thousand dollars in today's market. I said "I had a huge collection" but no longer have it as I passed it on as a family heirloom to my son in 2012. So I pretty much know all character's lore's/origins/powers and abilities/ feats and so on by heart from mid 60's up to the year 2000. I'm a Marvel purist and hence why I have issues with younger generations swallowing all the MCU feeds them as truth. If Kevin Feige/MCU says so, then it must be true. WRONG! The MCU is only 10 yrs young and goes off script in many movies in order to fit their narratives and the young generations don't know their Marvel characters at all, except for what the MCU tells them.

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