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Smallville (2001-2011 TV Series)

Publisher DC Comics
Aliases Smallville Beginnings, Superman: The Early Years
Info Smallville was an American television series, created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, based on the largest hero of all-time, Superman. The series addressed the transition of young Clark Kent from his adolescence to adulthood, showing all the problems faced by an ordinary teenager, as well as developing superpowers and finding discoveries about his true origins. Starring Tom Welling, Smallville lasted for ten seasons.

Connections to Smallville

Aquaman (Smallville) Orin
Aquaman (Smallville)
Batman (Smallville) Bruce Wayne
Batman (Smallville)
Bizarro (Smallville)
Bizarro (Smallville)
Black Canary (Smallville) Dinah Lance
Black Canary (Smallville)
Black Flash (Smallville) Black Flash
Black Flash (Smallville)
Blue Beetle (Smallville) Jaime Reyes
Booster Gold (Smallville) Michael Jon Carter
Brainiac (Smallville) Vril Dox
Brainiac (Smallville)
Cosmic Boy (Smallville) Rokk Krinn
Cyborg (Smallville) Victor Stone
Cyborg (Smallville)
Darkseid (Smallville) Uxas
Darkseid (Smallville)
Deadshot (Smallville) Floyd Lawton
Deathstroke (Smallville) Slade Wilson
Desaad (Smallville)
Doctor Fate (Smallville) Kent Nelson
Doctor Fate (Smallville)
Doomsday (Smallville) Davis Bloome
Doomsday (Smallville)
Faora (Smallville) Faora-UI
Faora (Smallville)
General Zod (Smallville) Dru-Zod
General Zod (Smallville)
Granny Goodness (Smallville)
Green Arrow (Smallville) Oliver Queen
Green Arrow (Smallville)
Green Lantern (Smallville) Kal-El
Green Lantern (Smallville)
Green Lantern (Smallville) John Stewart
Green Lantern (Smallville)
Hawkman (Smallville) Carter Hall
Hawkman (Smallville)
Impulse (Smallville) Bart Allen
Impulse (Smallville)
Lana Lang (Smallville)
Lex Luthor (Smallville) Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor (Smallville)
Lightning Lad (Smallville) Garth Ranzz
Lionel Luthor (Smallville)
Livewire (Smallville) Leslie Willis
Lois Lane (Smallville) Lois Lane
Lois Lane (Smallville)
Martian Manhunter (Smallville) J'onn J'onzz
Martian Manhunter (Smallville)
Maxima (Smallville)
Mera (Smallville) Mera
Metallo (Smallville) John Corben
Parallax (Smallville) John Stewart
Parasite (Smallville) Rudy Jones
Rick Flag (Smallville)
Saturn Girl (Smallville) Imra Ardeen
Silver Banshee (Smallville) Siobhan McDougal
Speedy (Smallville) Mia Dearden
Stargirl (Smallville) Courtney Whitmore
Superboy (Smallville) Conner Kent
Supergirl (Smallville) Kara Zor-El
Supergirl (Smallville)
Superman (Smallville) Kal-El
Superman (Smallville)
Ultraman (Smallville) Clark Luthor/Kal-El
Ultraman (Smallville)
Vandal Savage (Smallville) Curtis Knox
Wonder Woman (Smallville) Diana Of Themyscira
Wonder Woman (Smallville)
Zatanna (Smallville) Zatanna Zatara
Zatanna (Smallville)