Trained in secret by Darth Vader himself out of the Emporor's view. Was cloned using DNA spliced from Darth Revan, Darth Nihlus and even some of Vader's very own DNA to create the ultimate Sith Lord. Darth Maxximus could switch between all fighting styles of lightsaber combat from both the light and dark side effortlessly during battle making him an impossible opponent to face in a duel. His force potential is higher than that of any force sensitive being ever. Learning everything he knows of the dark side from his master Darth Vader and the force link he has to Darth Nihlus. This makes him unimaginably strong in the dark side. So strong in fact his power grew to the point of being undetectable by Emporor Palpatine or even Darth Vader due him having complete control over the force itself making it impossible to sense him. All this is only part of his power. Darth Revan was a Master Jedi and a Sith Lord several times and being connected to Darth Maxximus through the force he has both the intense connection to the Light Side and the Dark Side. The perfect balance between the two makes him the strongest force user ever. Even with all this power he knows his destiny to set the force back into balance and obeys his master no matter what.

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