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Most of my Oc's are overpowered but I love powerful characters.

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Adrian BlackGod of Chaos and destruction
Christina Pierce Christina Pierce
June Devanches June Devanches
Skylar LavenderSkylar Lavender

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CloakTyrone Johnson7
DeadpoolWade Wilson16
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
LokiLoki Laufeyson12
QuicksilverPietro Django Maximoff7
Scarlet WitchWanda Maximoff20
ThorThor Odinson30

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Voted: June Devanches

I'll edit her Power stats later but right now, I'm working on my other Ocs.
Voted: June Devanches

I'm honestly not trying to make her overpowered for a witch, I have way too many overpowered characters and plus, I'm still working on how I should present each characters strength, so June and the rest of my Oc's are being reconstructed at the moment.
Voted: June Devanches

This is what happens when you have two alike characters. I'm calling this a tie.
Voted: June Devanches

You do realize that, June also isn't alone she has her trusty sidekick and she also, has MAGIC, if she scant outsmart her then she can still use her spells.
Voted: June Devanches

Or even zatanna
Voted: June Devanches

In terms of magic, I'd compare her to loki...
Voted: June Devanches

If June and Wanda maximoff were to ever fight, June wouldn't just use her magic but she'd also use her brain, her resourcefulness, her cleverness. She's probably outsmart Wanda by using her own magic.
Not voted yet

I was honestly messing around with my characters profile, I clicked something and then I created this.....please, ignore this, sorry for giving the wrong idea.
Voted: June Devanches

I mean, June is very resourceful and good at improvising, I'd imagine if she was in a tight space, June would figure something out. You know what I mean?
Voted: June Devanches

Okay, so what does this mean? Did I win?

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