Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd

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Silver Surfer's History

Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) is a major antagonist turned supporting character in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He was once an alien being from a distant planet. Galactus a cosmic entity that fed on entire worlds that would arrive at his home planet. In a desperate attempt to save the woman he loved and his planet, he offered to become Galactus's Herald, finding worlds to feed the entity's insatiable appetite.

Galactus would grant him the power to do so by giving him the Silver Surfer's Surfboard, which granted him the ability to travel through space and prepare worlds for his master's arrival, as well as the ability to defend himself against attack and sustain him.

He would come into conflict with the Fantastic Four, before they taught him that there is always a choice, and turned against his master, destroying him.

Long ago, a man named Norrin Radd agreed to become Galactus' herald in return for the safety of his homeworld, and, therefore, a woman he loved. He travels from planet to planet, drawing power from his surfboard itself, which also serves as a beacon for Galactus. His travels eventually lead him to Earth. He flies over Latveria and unknowingly awakens the imprisoned Dr. Doom.

The Surfer discovered he was tracked by both the U.S. military and Reed Richards, who are concerned by the cosmic anomalies that he is causing. He eventually reaches New York and flies past Reed's wedding ceremony to Sue Storm. He is then pursued by the Human Torch. The Silver Surfer grabs Johnny and takes him up into the upper atmosphere and lets him plummet back to Earth. This causes problems for Johnny's powers and has disastrous implications when the Fantastic Four next encounter the Silver Surfer in London.

Doctor Doom then encounters the Silver Surfer in Greenland, where he obtains information that the surfer is powerless without his board. He shares this information with the military and the Fantastic Four and team up to catch him in the Black Forest in Germany. While there, the Surfer encounters Sue and defends her from missiles after giving her information about what will take place. Doctor Doom then renders him unconscious, he steals the board for himself in order to obtain its powers.

The Fantastic Four free the Surfer from imprisonment in Siberia to use his help to defeat Doctor Doom. Doom throws a cosmic spear at the Surfer to kill him, but Sue steps in and saves him. She tries to use a force field to block the spear, but it passes through the field and impales her. The Surfer turns on Doom after he witnesses Sue dying in Reed's arms. The Surfer brings Sue back to life after being reunited with his board. He was inspired by her sacrifice which inspired him to turn against Galactus and no longer serve him. He then proceeds to destroy Galactus, appearing to implode as he does so.

In the film's final scene, the Surfer is seen drifting aimlessly in space and unconscious, his board is in the background. As he drifts off screen, his eyes open and his board flies towards him.