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I was born and raised up by two parents that loved me dearly. They are still alive and so am I. I work in a factory in Massachusetts where I make car windshields. One day I was bitten by a radioactive rat and I became rat man! Batman's sworn enemy!

Original characters

Accelerated GeniusAl Magnus
Crazy BillBill
KlaeJohn Myers
Mr. MasterBobby Slash
RaspberryTom Jerry
The BeastHarry

Favourite characters

BatmanBruce Wayne10
Beta Ray BillBeta Ray Bill (translation of his Korbinite name)10
Black MantaDavid8
HulkBruce Banner16
Mongul the Elder-
Moon KnightMarc Spector 4
ParallaxHal Jordan-
SinestroThaal Sinestro12

Favourite teams

Favourite Team-Battles

Team Superman -vs- Team Darkseid
Team Man-Bat -vs- Team Morbius
Team Iron Man -vs- Team Steel
Watchmen -vs- Watcher
Team Parallax -vs- Team Chaos War Hercules
Team Flash -vs- Team The Runner
Team Red Lantern -vs- Team Green Lantern
Team Amazo -vs- Team Blue Beetle III
Team Captain Cold -vs- Team Magneto
Team Colossus -vs- Team Ace
Team Galactus -vs- Team Phoenix
Team General Zod -vs- Team Ultraman
Team Green Lantern -vs- Parallax and Parallax
Team Maestro Hulk -vs- Team Superman Doomed
Team Galactus -vs- Team Phoenix
Krona -vs- Team Sinestro
Team Superman -vs- Team Etrigan
Team Aquaman -vs- Superman
Justice League -vs- Team Lex Luthor
Team Captain America -vs- Team Cyclops
Team Swamp Thing -vs- Team Gorr The God Butcher
Team Mr. Master -vs- The Beast
Team Midnighter -vs- Team Deathstroke
Team Green Lantern -vs- Team Mogo
Team Superman -vs- Team Hulk
Team Bronze Tiger -vs- Team Bullseye
Team Orion -vs- Team Superman
Team Zonuz -vs- Team Odin
Team Fin Fang Foom -vs- Team Superman
Team Etrigan -vs- Team Blackheart
Team Taskmaster -vs- Team Spider-Man
Team Joker -vs- Team Hobgoblin
Team Green Lantern -vs- Team Sinestro
Team Iron Man -vs- Team Lex Luthor
Team Reptil -vs- Team Vixen
Team Deadshot -vs- Team Deathstroke
Team Deadshot -vs- Team Punisher
Team Ultraman -vs- Team Hulk
Team Cyclops -vs- Team Wolverine
Team John Constantine -vs- Shazam and Doctor Fate
Team Nightwing -vs- Team Black Widow
Team Joker -vs- Team Flash II
Team Superman -vs- Team General Zod
Team Spider-Man -vs- Team Venom
Team Joker -vs- Team Captain America
Team Aquaman -vs- Team Black Manta
Team Midnighter -vs- Team Gambit
Team Batman -vs- Galactus
Team Flash -vs- Team Green Lantern
Team Flash -vs- Team Superboy
Team Loki -vs- Team Thor
Team Fandral -vs- Gladiator Hulk
Team Orion -vs- Zonuz and Steppenwolf
Team Joker -vs- Team Flash II
Team Joker -vs- Team Green Lantern
Team Ultraman -vs- Team Black Adam
Team Black Adam -vs- Team General Zod
Team Cyborg -vs- Firestorm

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Voted: Space Ghost

Nostalgia concurs all.
Voted: John Constantine

How are Frank's stats higher than John's?
Sounds bad ass, what character would you compare him to in terms of power?
Cool, what do you like about Darkhawk? I am super under educated when it comes to his character.
For DC its Batman and for Marvel its a tie between Hulk and Spidey, I can never choose. What about you?
Ok, sounds good.
Nice, a lot of those are my favorites too.
Oh, jeez. I would have made a list too, but Im not feelin it today.
@Swarm and @Hawkinz what are some of your favorite comics?
I am lovin all the Blackest Night love.

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